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LEGACY OF THE BRITISH RAJ @HERITAGE TRAIL CALCUTTA The first GOLF CLUB in Asia outside the British isles was established in Calcutta during the colonial rule in 1829. Golf a Royal sport first finds its origin from the Roman Empire and entered the European mainlands through Scottish islands . It f...
Heritage trail of Bengal -Lost temples Chto rash bari or Harihar Dham is a Grade-I heritage building of bengal. Founded by Pyarilal Mondal and Monimohan Mondal was situated right on the banks of Adi ganga (now Tolly Nulla) and had a ghat called choto Rash Bari ghatvia a flight of steps.. Built in...
Delhi trail
Heritage trail of BengalPart I-Bonedi Bari Laha Bari Kolkatas rich history has a number of aristocratic families. Among these families there stands the Lahas who have been great patrons of art and culture of their timesOrigin -Originally from Hoogly, the Lahas settled in Calcutta in the thanthani...
To all the love and beautiful things of life
A birthday spent on peace, love and hopefulness Thanks all for making it feel so loved
Half of the problems of my life goes away thinking that a single RANI CHATTERJEE saree is good enough to deal with them all Picture credits @suchi_photography_
A Royal teaser Embarking upon a journey of heritage and culture Meet us soon Special credits @neil.law_
reds and a lot of it @tamajit_chobi_wala
Behind the lens : @tamajit_chobi_wala
! Behind the lens @tamajit_chobi_wala
The JAPANESE FOREST AND THE Monastery In Eco Park Calcutta stands among the best places representing a small Japan in the heart of the city . Japan has always been a leader in its expressions of landscape designs. Central to the design of Japanese gardens is appreciation and respect for nature.In...