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Tune in to #BummerHouse coming soon on some streaming service or network or not We just hang out on our couch and theme parties are banned. Fun! @jonryan_9 is the ultimate pool boy #summerhouse #bummerhouse #tv #reality #bravo
My new favorite thing is when random things like this end up in my news feed and the AI feature sums up the responses (specifically the last one)(Also yes I know theyve been together 10 yrs and shes 30 now but that doesnt change my AI summary obsession) #anthonykiedis #AI #agegap Also unpopular ...
Yesterday I posted about a cat I rescued in my yard. I thought I would share about the previous cat I rescued in my yard that has motivated me to keep doing this. This is Cyrus (aka Mr. FluffyButt aka Mr. Fluffy Pants) You can see how he went from my yard to @straycatalliance who took him in - to...
This is Cleopatra aka Cleo aka Patty. I rescued her from my yard after realizing she seemed pretty interested in humans and indoors. Its not a good life out there on the streets and we have coyotes who roam ours. I took her to @straycatalliance and they gave her a wellness exam, micro chipped he...
Life is short - dont try to sit in a chair (if you cross Mare-Bear) Have you listened to our latest @areyoumypodcast ? Its a solid hour plus of laughs and rants. Go wherever you get your pods #ashleymadison #ryansutter #comedypodcast #comedy #lorenabobbitt
Like nails on a?Sometimes we start on a topic and it ends up in an unexpected discussion Catch up on the latest @areyoumypodcast anywhere you get your pods #nailart #nailsalon #customerservice #hack #comedypodcast
I mean. Come on. #catdad #zaddy #dinnertime #reels #gingersofinstagram
Someone forgot to get this woman flowers yesterday so my roses paid the price #oops #caughtoncamera #3am #reels #yardsale
Having to put up please dont do dumb s*** signs must get old #elevatorchallenge #tiktok #dummies
Happy Heavenly Birthday to my Dad. He was a lot of fun and hed like your attention so here you go The first without him is pretty f***ed up, Ill be honest.Love to all of you who have gone through this. I see you and I feel you. Raising one up for all of them.
Upcoming shows-Fort Worth April 26 & 27 Lowell, AR May 10 & 11 (hometown shows! )Dallas June 14 & 15 Louisville June 20-22 La Jolla, CA Aug 16 & 17 More to come. Get your tickets at in bio #standupcomedy #livecomedy #wps #fortworthnightlife #fayettevillear #dallasnightlife #lo...
Needed to let this live on the page. Mom, my cousin and my aunt pulled off surprising me to come see me perform in Tulsa. I legit looked at my mom for a second and kept walking because I was so confused, it didnt even register Next video is mom mommin #family #surprise #tulsa #reels