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@frabbits is one of my very favorite bands. I live in a very religious part of the world. Lots of people here think theyre holy and special, but theyre actual backwards transphobes who hate happiness. Thank god Im not holy and chosen.
Do you ever wonder what going through the gray fog of depression, grief, and anxiety do to your soul? What it changed and what remained? An orphan without a life vest. Sent to the seas before she learned to swim.
Just applied for @fisherartmarket! Its my all time favorite market and its got me daydreaming about warm summer nights with a cold beer in hand, feeling at home with my friends.
Most of my paintings are about living with overwhelming grief. Like watching the colors at the edges of my life turn to black and white. Little circles of darkness that creep into even the brightest flower, and the every day battle to fight them back to the edges again. I just really miss my mom.
I took photographs of my paintings today (thanks @goprintgo for letting me borrow the lights!). I also just applied for the @urbanartsgallery Folklore art show. Ive never applied for a gallery show so this is pretty exciting to me. Now Im off to eat meatballs and cheese with a friend. What a love...
This weeks coloring page for p@trons is live! Check it out
Working on a painting for the @urbanartsgallery show about folklore. Do I have a degree in history with an emphasis in folklore? Why yes, yes I do!
Hi all! I just updated my website and put a whole bunch of stickers up. I realized that I dont sell anything because I never put anything up for sale. Its a bit of a snake eating its tail situation so anyway! Go check out my site!Oh and p@trons youve got a 25% discount code, just check my latest ...
For the last few weeks Ive been obsessively drawing in my sketchbooks. Which interesting because last month I was painting constantly. The thing Ive realized is that its sort of fun to f*ck up something. And its okay to not finish every single piece. And I can experiment and not feel guilty about...
Women Dont Owe You Shit. Might need to make this a sticker or a print.
I just published my first post of 2024 on patr3on! (No I cant use the actual name. Its weird.) Ive been sort of manically drawing these flowers for weeks and I thought my friends might want to see them. Im going to show off my latest sketchbook over on the page that shall not be named .
2023 was a bullsh*t year. It was the first full year I was on earth without my mama and I didnt enjoy it. Lots of amazing things happened and a lot of change happened but its still a whole entire year without her. So I hope 2024 is gentler and kinder. Thank whatever gods exist for this sweet dogg...