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? “In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”
-Alfred Stieglitz
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Blossom TressesModel: @sarah_e_ingle
Dunes Pt. 2Model: @sarah_e_ingle Assistants: @fatmanphotography @tracihines @amberarden
DunesModel: @sarah_e_ingle Assistants: @fatmanphotography @tracihines @amberarden
Head Chiss in charge. Day One of. @starwarscelebration was an adventure with my dear @sarah_e_ingle and @admiralkymia ! #genderbendcosplay #thrawn #chiss #starwars #cosplay #starwarscelebration2022
Whos your favorite animal sidekick? We all know who mine is, but truthfully, @furpunzel is the main character. Catch Furpunzel & me in @tracihines new video today along with all our princess friends to help raise money for @campaignoaat! ##ZoomPrincessHangout
You never know when everything can change. Reminding you to take chances and soak up every moment & opportunity. It feels like 5 years since February when my dad & I explored Mainz, Germany. Free to go wherever we wanted, not a mask in sight, squeezing through crowds cheering for Fastnacht parade...
Whats a change from last year youd like to keep in 2021? If we can keep hoodies as an entire outfit, thatd be great. Theyre like wearing a hug. : @benjaminhinesphoto: @tracihines
Did any of you feel like your Top 9 was a wildly inaccurate depiction of the year? I barely recognized mine as 2020 only thing that gives it away is the Lola pictures. You can swipe to see my most liked, but these are more accurate. 2020 Monthly Highlights January: My Grandpa amazingly was sti...
Tea? Coffee? Hot chocolate? (Tea for me, please). Grab your fave & get ready for cuteness-overload. My meeting @furpunzel for the first time vlog is up! You wont believe how tiny she was when she got here. I second-guessed myself a lot about being so open in it. I could give you the typical hap...
Happy 10th Anniversary to Tangled! So grateful for all the memories with my alter-ego. When my mom and sisters first saw Tangled, they started laughing in the best day ever scene and yelled, Its Sarah!!! Thankfully now I relate more with Rapunzel from the series, but I think we all have those R...
Fairly accurate quarantine depiction.All I do is hang out with @furpunzel while I either research, film, or edit videos. New video on split ends & hair breakage just went up today. Are you ready all my fellow hair nerds?Thank you @benjaminhinesphoto for taking remote photos of my lil floof & me ...
Let me introduce you to @Furpunzel. ( swipe for extra floof) If you watch my stories, you know her floofy lil butt already, but I never properly welcomed her & introduced you guys to her. After what happened to Lola, allowing another fluffy friend into my heart was harder than expected. Furpunze...