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Illustration for the @nytimes Book Review by Michael Greenberg of the posthumously published Gabriel Garca Mrques novel Until August in which a married woman embarks on a series of annual one night stands. One Hundred Years of Solitude is one of my all time favourite books (how original of me hah...
Think fast!
Illustration for @nyt_well about IUD insertions and patients not being offered pain relief. I can recommend both reading the article and looking through the comment section, because at least I found it all quite shocking. Thank you @deannadonegan for the art direction on this one
Final project of 2023 An animated illustration for @zeit about horoscopes and why the predictions might feel completely random at times. Art direction by @ahrens.tina
Animated illustration for a piece in Die ZEIT about being faced with the decision to either have children now or, perhaps, never Art direction by @caroline.scharff
New work for the @nytimes Well section This time for an article on painful post-menopausal sex. Art direction by @sarahewilliamson Swipe through for a selection of sketches, some weirder than others :))
New illustration for @zeit about the potential mental health benefits of psilocybin Art direction by @jakob_weber_v3
New illustration for the @nytimes This one is accompanying an interview with @sexwithemily Art direction by @sarahewilliamson & @deannadonegan
New illustration for @nytimes Well section. This time for a piece on ovulation pain Art direction by @deannadonegan Swipe through for sketches.
New work for the @nytimes Well section on the topic of herpes and the stigma that surrounds it. Art direction by @deannadonegan
Another poster illustration for @theatrechatelet in collaboration with @base_design and @aureliadeaz
Unused portrait of Sandra Oh Im a little gutted that this never saw the light of day so posting it here for the archives :)