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Sierra Season Winter brings serenity to Yosemite. The blanket of snow reducing distractions, the Merced river seems to flow slower pausing to create reflections, the wind holds its breath and a sense of blissful silence prevails. Images taken over tie past couple of weeks in Yosemite. #yosemite ...
When it rains in Yosemite.#yosemite #nps #yosemiteconservancy
Winter Wonderland about to unfold this weekend!
Holiday LightsWhen EL Cap turns golden and adorns a winter cloak of snow its time to celebrate the Holidays. Heres Happy Holidays to all.
The Aurora season is here lets goooo!When the aurora dances across the night sky its mesmerizing. But what makes the experience even more special is when you can witness it in places of immense natural beauty. Imagine standing inside an ice cave and seeing the lights in front of you. For me thoug...
When the sun breaks through after a storm
Beauty of the BayouSharing some images from my recent time in East Texas and Louisiana. Wanted to create some unique images and got lucky with storm clouds, fall foliage and reflections.
Winter WonderlandAs the fall season softly disappears, find myself waiting for the serenity of Winter. Looking forward to being back in Yosemite for the Winter Workshop in January. Come join me in my favorite place in the world. 10% off for registrations by Nov 30 th. DM for details.
Sierra Season Autumn in the Eastern Sierra.
Annular Solar Exlipse October 14 th 2023Sony a7rv with 109-400 mm f4.5-5.6 GM at 400mmISO 100 f38 1/3000s
Arctic Autumn When we think of Arctic we usually imagine cold blue scenes. It was such a pleasure to see these vivid tones across the landscape celebrating autumn. Taken at the border of Norway and Finland.
Sink or SwimIts interesting how when we start looking for pictures we begin to find them everywhere.