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One of my favorite meals Ive had throughout this crazy Pandemic Ive gotten a few messages asking if I still meal prep and the answer is yes and no. I dont prepare meals for the full week but I do plan out what Im going to eat. Now that Im home every. single. day. I enjoy making things fresh! How...
Special shoutout to all my lady followers - Happy International Womens Day! Keep being badasses with your beautiful selves
My super easy breakfast this week! 1 whole egg + about half a cup egg whites (I didnt measure), kielbasa, strawberries, & a protein shake (not pictured). I always struggle with getting adequate amounts of protein in daily so Im being more intentional about that! Whats your go-to brekkie?
Can you drink and still be active/healthy? Yes, you sure can! One of the keys to a balanced lifestyle is MODERATION. When drinking alcohol, I make sure to drink A TON of water with electrolytes before and after a night out (dont forget to take your vitamins too! )My drink order usually consists o...
A lil Friday message for ya
Heres WHY you need to meal prep to see results IM JUST PLAYIN - you DONT! Ive talked to and worked with all types of women and guess what? Each one is DIFFERENT. What works for one woman may not work for the next. What one person likes, the other person may hate and that is OKAY! People see my me...
Ok yall.. so I recently got an air fryer & I love this little thing! Its so convenient and everything Ive made thus far tastes amazing Swipe to see some pics! (Air fried corn , wings , and pickles) If you have an air fryer, drop your favorite air fried foods below! Im tryna see something
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from me and the fur baby!
Do you ever find yourself saying I cant eat healthy during the holidays? If so, you probably have the wrong idea of what to do. The truth is, you dont need to avoid holidays nor do you need to eat until you feel sick.The key is finding balance so that you can enjoy yourself and still reach your g...
Do you know your WHY?WHY do you workout? To lose fat? Gain muscle? Be healthier? Increase self-confidence? For more energy?Truth is, there isnt a wrong why as long as that why means something to YOU! Heres why (no pun intended ):Your WHY is what drives you to take action and is your core motivato...
When you scroll through the gram and see people whove made amazing transformations, whove become highly successful, etc., its not because theyre lucky, its not because they werent perfect and never messed up or felt unmotivated, and its definitely not because they didnt wake up with crazy amounts...
The fastest way to see results is...DrumrollllJUST START TAKING ACTION!You know the thoughts that run through your brain about that one thing you should start? Those feelings you have, that are constantly nudging you to do something, but you always ignore it? Those thoughts are your intuition tel...