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Raw clip from my BASE jump training. From my experience jumping from a paraglider was much more tense than from a mountain. As we entered the valley I had to start unbuckling myself from the paraglider, stand up, look below me to make sure no other paragliders are in my way and try to move fast b...
When @oneplus asked me to make something for the launch of their newest phone the open I decided to use this as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and make a short film as well as most of the music in it as well. It was a month of experimentation, learning new things, late nights (a go...
Ive been having a lot of fun flying the QAV pro cinelifter from @get_fpv its a bigger drone meant to fly bigger cameras, so it can fly a RED Komodo or black magic no problem. Im still learning so Im currently just flying a 3D printed komodo haha also shout out @mustiymk for your exceptional dron...
Camp @musicbed 2023 (from up above) A much needed week of disconnecting from work and tapping into play mode. Rick Rubin said sometimes more choices arent actually better. Limiting your pallet to something manageable forces you to solve problems in a different way I was inspired by this quote, an...
Highlights from an incredible week with @musicbed in Texas 1. Hosting our second official @koldercreative meet up at the Musicbed HQ. 2. Tons of games and activities at the lake house 3. Driving fast cars and guiding creative breathworks 4. Made some epic exclusive merch with @musicbed for our me...
Little recap of moments from our middle eastern acro tour earlier this year even though both @sorelleamore and I managed to injure ourselves to the point where we had to use crutches to get around we still managed to make the most of it haha grateful for this amazing group of humans I get to cal...
Meet the Team For nearly 3 years now weve come together with the shared goal of making @koldercreative much more than a course. Its a place where we empower and help aspiring content creators improve their skills, grow their network & get connected to paying clients. We love seeing our students ...
Last week I was able to visit Svalbard, one of the northernmost inhabited areas in the world. This was an experience made possible by @panerai in celebrations of their new Submersible QuarantaQuattro eSteel watch. Thankful for this once in a lifetime experience and to be able to do it with such ...
Some of my favorite moments from capetown in January. Handstands, sunsets, drones, ice baths, doggos and good vibes Music @bayledges
There have been times in my life where i’ve struggled with anxiety, overwhelm, & creative burnout. Breath work and cold immersion have been transformative practices ive implemented in my daily life to help combat those feelings. They help me sink into the present moment, clear any anxiousness, bo...