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Happy Fathers Day In honour of all the fathers and father figures out thereheres a reminder of our heavenly Fathers love for us. (INSIDE SCOOP: guess who the baby is modelled on? Scroll down to find out.)Faith is resting in who God is and what he has done. And he has done EVERYTHING.From Resting...
Isn't it so true? Children are made readers on the laps of their parents. Emilie Buchwald.Do your weekend plans involve curling up with a good book and a child on your lap? I'd love to know what you're planning to read this weekend. Leave a book title in the comments for us to explore (and if you...
New York City alley, with graffiti and morning sunlight #nyc #graffiti #streetphotography #nycalley
What fun and inspiring news! @meganmetheney is a harpist and composer from Arizona, living in France, who recently wrote a childrens choir piece inspired by @jesus_storybook_bible. She entered the piece into a sacred music competition through the American Harp Society and WON! Congratulations, Me...
Canal and Broadway #nyc #streetphotography #skateboarders #nycstreetphotography #canalstreet #cinatownnyc
Hooray for this *first grade graduate* and hooray for today! Today is For You is my newest picture book, brimming with joy and filled with hope and singing and CELEBRATION!Grab your copy, perfect for a graduation gift (link in bio). Today is For You is a celebration of the day and all the amazin...
Adventurer @beargrylls is here to read an epic adventure story The Young Hero and the Horrible Giant. Were so excited to have Bear, Dame Mary Berry, @justinwelby, @gemma__hunt and more reading from The Jesus Storybook Bible! Watch the whole story by searching Cheeky Pandas on Youtube, or visit t...
Of course its all luckCartier BressonI saw the delivery guy coming at speed and I took the photo. Such great good fortune that he was dead center in the frame at the exact moment I clicked. Its what Cartier Bresson called the decisive moment(I also love his red bag at the back and the red sign an...
Are you celebrating a graduate soon? Get them a copy of Today Is for You! Its something every grad needs: a celebration of life. A call to adventure and wonder. Sparking imagination and dreams. An invitation to be present to all the gifts a new day brings. And to live every day to the full.BONUS ...
Heres the Queen of Baking herself, Dame Mary Berry, reading Filled Full from The Jesus Storybook Bible. We think its quite fitting that shes reading a story about a big meal, dont you? Watch the whole story by searching Cheeky Pandas on Youtube, or visit the link in bio.#jesusstorybookbible #sall...
Heres a reminder for us from the tiniest bird. You might only be little and very, very small but your song can reach high and deep and wide and far. There is only one of you. We need your voice. We need your song. The Canyon Wren is such a tiny bird you can hardly ever spot herbut you can always ...
Did you hear the big news? The Jesus Storybook Bible is being read by some rather famous people you may have heard of like for instance Dame Mary Berry, Bear Gryllsand more. And here with episode one is none other than The Archbishop of Canterbury himself, @justinwelby.Watch the whole story by se...