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Hello everyone,I am getting on here to let you know that True North Barber Shop will no longer be at the Roosevelt location. I am currently in the process of finding a new location to lease in order to carry on and provide the service that our clients know and appreciate.Since the beginning of 20...
Posted @withrepost @truenorthbarbershop Follow our @truenorthbarbershop channel and get a chance to win a very cool box from our friends at @theholyblack . More info to follow. Link in bio.#azbarber #theholyblack #barbershopconnect #arizonabarbers #phoenix #tempe #mesa #scottsdale #top10barbers ...
I wont forget. #911 #fdny
My friend Mario is the model I used for the ASMR video thats on our YouTube page. (Swipe to see his haircut) He is also an incredible tattoo artist at @hotrodtattooaz .I recently had him tattoo this portrait of of the late Paul Bearer on my leg. Wild eyed, high voiced, and with dark ominous power...
Theres two new videos on the @truenorthbarbershop YouTube page. One is an ASMR video and the other is me walking through a long trim while talking a little about my visit to @theoldschoolbarberacademy and @schorembarbier . I also try to kill a fly while doing my haircut. For that reason alone its...
Go see the @theparagraphic YouTube video that just went up about myself and @truenorthbarbershop . This isnt a haircut tutorial, its more about some of my personal experiences of owning a business and dealing with some challenges along the way. Theres also some amazing content about other AZ entr...
I found this photo at @antiquegatherings the other day. By looks of it its in WW2 era. Given its Memorial Day I wanted to share it. #azbarber #theholyblack #barbershopconnect #arizonabarbers #phoenix #tempe #mesa #scottsdale #top10barbers #truenorthbarbershop #behindthechair #hairbrained #flatto...
One show I started watching during the Covid Pandemic is @thewalkingdead . I ended up liking it so much I started reading the comic books as well. My favorite character on that show is @jeffreydeanmorgan s Negan. I have my own Lucille that stays on the wall and shes a real replica. Now when peop...
I love the way @josephwymanphoto shoots his portraits. Aside from capturing a great image, theres a whole science behind developing the photo and fine tuning the chemical portion of tintypes. Theres just a little extra something to this that I havent seen created with a modern camera. Thanks aga...
Im very excited to have @josephwymanphoto at the barber shop. I discovered his work a few years ago while looking through portrait photography. Tintype is a difficult process that takes lots of time to understand and perfect. Come down and have a portrait done that few will ever have.#azbarber #t...
This picture was taken the first year I attended the Phoenix Veterans Standdown. I can honestly say this is the best thing I have ever seen for veterans who need help with anything, and I do mean ANYTHING. Things that would normally take months, or even years to accomplish get done in just a day ...
Thank you @vincekamp for sending me prints of your incredible work. Now I just gotta figure out where to hang them so I can give myself the side eye.#azbarber #theholyblack #barbershopconnect #arizonabarbers #phoenix #tempe #mesa #scottsdale #top10barbers #truenorthbarbershop #behindthechair #ha...