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LA/NYC based queer artist & advocate.
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If at first you don't succeed, laugh until you do...
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a small man.
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image maker/photographer in nyc
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Paul, 2023 (@paulzivkovich) : if I photograph you outdoors theres a 90% chance Im gonna put you in, on or around a tree.
Holding Space is still 50% off on Amazon if you havent had the funds or chance to purchase. 16$ is very cheap for a monograph. Also, since my previous post about it was taken down - if youre a creator of adult content, would love to connect on a new body of work Im exploring. Shoot me a line! X r...
10 portraits all about the gaze. Forever and always fascinated by it within my work.
Garrett, 2023 (@garrettryoung)
Since my post yesterday was taken down for being against community guidelines, which it wasnt - heres the most wholesome image for your holiday weekend. But also please unfollow me if seeing queer intimacy on a screen makes you so uncomfortable. Xo Ryan
It still comes as a surprise to people that I love making work that isnt portrait based (what a portrait is, is a whole other conversation). We love putting people in boxes though. In the creative fields, its often more the case than not. Ive had so many people ask why not try to do other photogr...
Fran Drescher, 2021 : this is how Ill feel when the strikes end.
Jake, 2023 (@jaketremblaydesign) : its been super refreshing making a ton of work in the last few months and not publicly sharing it. It has really reinvigorated my practice. When viewing and ingesting imagery on small screens, especially more subtle work like mine, you miss things. I love how th...
Michael, 2023 (@michaelthomasgrant)
@jamieleecurtis encompassing all the feels. If youve been around her laugh you know how infectious it is. And if she looks into your soul, as she usually does, you know how much love is there.
Jack, 2023 (@jackmrhughes) : photographing social media friends at magic hour 4 life.
While deep in the thick of archive maintenance/website updating Ive realized how much harder it is to decide what older work still gets trickled into my portfolio. Thats what happens with 15 years of commissions. From whos relevant to what still feels like the best representation of me is a labor...