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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that countsBest supps: @bpnsupps Code DENGLERBest fits: @alphalete Code DENGLER @tj.mcgraw
There are only two options: make progress or make excuses dynamic warmup + heavy shoulder & tricep workout was a solid oneHope everyone had a good weekend! Its a great week to be great this week #1percentbettereveryday
Runs for 2 weeks, officially a hybrid athlete Nah, but really enjoying these short runs the past 2 weeks and slowly building up my cardio. Because Im not gonna lie, Ive been pretty out of shape from just lifting over the last yearSlowly implementing a more balanced approach to my training and I t...
Raw training footage from my back & tricep dayLove the energy in a packed gym, but nothing beats an empty gym with absolutely no distractions
Randomly hit 250 lbs bodyweight the other night for the first time in my life. Just wanted to document it this is how were looking, no lighting, no edits, nothing. Not the craziest, most shredded physique in the world, but were making progress as , and thats all that matters eat big or stay small...
Football weekends in Austinswipe to see me 6 years ago out on the field
In honor of the first home Ohio State game today, heres a throwback to senior year football season right after prep ended
85 LB DUMBBELL LATERALS FOR THE FIRST TIMEDo these count? Is this good form or noAlways building. Do something to better yourself today. 1% better everyday
Yesterdays run + lift in the Texas heatRan a slow 1.5 miles for the first time in a few months. Felt good to get moving again even though it was lowkey kinda hard for me. Will try again tomorrow and see if we can start to make improvements.Finished the day with a chest and bicep workout with 5 ex...
A little bit of labor on Labor Day
Peak offseason shape. Got a full bloodwork panel Im going to be breaking down with @jacobshalvey very soon here. Then we can optimize all our variables and fine tune training, nutrition, and supplementation going forward. Never become complacent. Always look for new ways to improve and fine tune ...
Workouts are better in Austin Full transparency, Ive barely trained this last week while packing, moving, and unpacking, but it feels so good to be back at it now.Looking forward to more workouts at the @bpnsupps HQ over the next several months. Time to get bigggg