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Sometimes, you just gotta stop and acknowledge the fact that you're alive and lucky enough to have one more day on this wild ride we call life.
Time to wreck shop! This is the most badass fathers Day gift ever!!! Thanks @_troyc for spoiling me!
Sometimes, life demands drastic changes and redirects you on a different path in life, but you should never forget the things that make you happy and always make time for them. #backtoyourroots
Looking like a solid year on the forecast! # #letitsnow #backtomyroots
Happy birthday to the girl who changed my whole world. Can't believe she is 2! Love you Rivy!
Where do I start? It's been a great and much needed weekend after an immensely chaotic last month. Harvesting an elk with my pops! Who I have to give a shout out to because without him this hunt would not have been a success!Spending some much need time with the kiddos after not having anytime to...
Just my lady carrying me through life per usual @_troyc
It still doesnt feel real that @douglas.frey.750 is no longer with us. He was an inspiration to everyone he encountered. He helped reassure me that our mission with @ptsdveteranathletes works, and gave me a constant reminder to never stop our efforts. Doug is the perfect example of why we started...
Just wanna thank this lady for always being by my side. @_troyc thanks for everything!
A much needed getaway with the family.
Happy birthday you bodacious babe! You are such an incredible mother, lover, and partner. Here's to another amazing year. You just keep getting more and more beautiful.