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Spinach Lettuce is here!Packed with phytonutrients, this new-to-the-world variety marries the best of spinach and romaine, with tender, dark green leaves that are as stunning as they are delicious.Stop by the @norwichmeadowsfarm stand at @unsqgreenmarket today to be among the first people to tast...
Come find us with @chefdanbarber this Friday, May 31st at the @norwichmeadowsfarm stand at the Union Square Greenmarket.The guest of honor? Spinach Lettuce, a revolutionary romaine selected to bring more nutrition and flavor to everyday lettuce.Spinach Lettuce is the result of a multi-year collab...
The mighty Centercut is summer squash at its finest.With the seeds concentrated at the base of the squash, the Centercuts long neck is denser and less watery than the average zucchini, packing in more complex flavor. And its solid stem provides natural resistance to squash vine borers in the fiel...
We are looking for friendly, knowledgeable cooks in these cities to join our Culinary Team!As a Row 7 Cook, you will play a key role in sharing our unique vegetable varieties with grocery shoppers. This is a chance to immerse yourself in the world of regional, organic produce and create distincti...
Purple peas aplenty.Our friends at had a bumper crop of Beauregarde snow peas last year. Were thrilled to see them in your fields, gardens, and kitchens againand wishing you a harvest that is just as plentiful.: #beauregardesnowpea #snowpeas #purplepeas
The beginnings of an abundantand abundantly deliciouspotato harvest.: @thedailymarketfarm #row7seeds #upstateabundancepotato #potatoplanting
A strong start for Sweet Garleek.For those of you planting this new-to-the-world allium, here are some tips from our growing guide:Start seeds in plug trays 6 weeks before transplanting.Transplant the plugs at 6 spacing in-row, at least 6 between rows.Undercut or hand pull when shafts have reache...
Sowing deliciousness. Badger Flame beet seedlings, experimental lettuces and cilantro await transplanting at the Row 7 Research Farm. #row7seeds #earthday
Across the pond, the mighty Badger Flame beet is shining bright at of sweetness and deep flavor, says @chefdancox. Color is unreal. Its truethe Badger Flame beet is as striking as it is delicious.: @chefdancox#row7seeds #badgerflamebeets
Our organic Sweet Garleek seeds are here!We first introduced this new-to-the-world veggie in @wholefoods last fall, and the response was beyond our wildest allium dreams. True to its name, Sweet Garleek marries the sweetness of leeks with the mellow, nutty notes of garlic. During his decades of w...
Happy National Gardening Day! Were celebrating gardens of all shapes and sizesand the hands that tend to them.Swipe for some growing highlights from our communityand dont forget to tag us in your own harvests this season. : @growingfamilyfarms @mjcooksnyc @samlovesthemarket @pearson_organics @gro...
Level up your garnish game.A chef favorite, Delfino cilantro stands out for its feathery fronds and subtle, citrusy flavor. The delicate foliage is striking on the plate and holds up well to fine chopping in the kitchen. Even better, Delfino is tasty at every stage, with leaves, young blossoms an...