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Rockin sober and rolling with the punches
Face Everything And Rise
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@thisisraywinstone talks openly to @fennersinsta about mental health and grief. Nice one for helping to change the Stigma, Ray! .Go and check out HEAD STRONG for the full interview on all major social channels. .#mentalhealth #raywinstone #headstrong #menshealth
Heres to the weekend, badassses!
MINDSET From day one, getting sober is much more than not picking up a drink. Escaping the many triggers is a major hurdle, too. I couldnt be within sniffing distance of a boozer, as the temptation was just too much. It took me three years before I could walk into a pub. This was only possible by...
Lets hear it from the badasses!
Thanks to your strength and courage, your Sunday is there for the taking. .Its hard at the time, the fear of missing out can be overwhelming. .But whos missing out now? .Big up the badasses who kept their table clean this weekend!!!
Stay strong
Dont be a sheep .Theres more to LIFE
If this is you, keep going! Youre one badass muthafucka
A short message from Shaun
No guts, no story