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Official Instagram account of the late great comedy legend Rodney Dangerfield.
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Melbourne, Aus.
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Dean Martin tells one of his favorite jokes of Rodneys: I worked one place that was so tough, one night the boss told me, Kid, you want to go hunting? I said, OK Im game, and he shot me!
Are you kidding? I held a seashell up to my ear, it told me to get off the beach. (: Rodney with Morgan Fairchild from his 1985 comedy special, Exposed)
Any way you want it. #TheInkofNoRespect (Tattoo by @clareclarity)
Im never lucky at parties either. I remember one party... they called it off because I was in town. (: Rodney gets a little respect as he gives the town of Westport its first official flag, 1985)
Remembering the Oscar-winning producer and driving force behind Rodneys 90s classic Ladybugs, Al Ruddy. (March 28, 1930 May 25, 2024)In the early 90s, I watched my daughter play soccer. My daughter was 7. I said what a great background for a movielittle girls with big boots on! So I develop this...
Lazy, youre not kidding. Why, Im like a rug on Valium. Im talking lazy. (: @earlesswonder85)
Poor Rodney dont get no respect.
Rodney leaves his red tie at home for this impromptu visit on the Tonight Show. : @officialjohnnycarson
Looks good on you though.
Natural born comedian.
When I was a kid, I was poor, too. I was so poor. My rich aunt died. In her will, I owed her 20 dollars.
I tell ya, my family, nothing but losers. There was only one normal one. Nicest guy in the world, He died in prison of unnatural causes.