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Team building !!!!
Find your WHY so big, you can't help but take action.This young man wants to play in the NBA . He's already doing 700 pushups a day in our pushup challenge. HIS drive pushes ME to be a better mentor. That's the power of a shared purpose. True wealth isnt just about riches and material possessions...
TAKE ACTION INSPITE OF YOUR FEARS.This real estate career that you wanted to startThis new business idea that you wanted to launch, This new job opportunity that you've been thinking about Don't let fear of failure or self-doubt criple you. JUST DO IT LET'S GOO#takechances #businessopportunitie...
We all have room to grow. It's easy to focus on what went wrong, but recognizing your strengths fuels growth. After your next listing appointment, don't beat yourself up. Instead, pinpoint one area to enhance. Progress, not perfection, is the goal.What will you improve next?
No amount of money or riches can buy you time. So choose wisely how and with who you spend time.#familytime #happyfather #timeflies
Any GOLF fans here ? What has been your best move so far ?#golfamateur #golflife #sportsfan
Are You REALLY Busy... or Just Avoiding the Hard Stuff?Ever felt like you're doing a lot, but not actually getting anywhere? Think about it the day before vacation, you're laser-focused. Why? Because you have a clear vision (that beach!) Imagine harnessing that energy daily. It's time to ask y...
You're a Diamond in the Rough - The Words That Changed My LifeWhen Wayne Jordan told me this, I was shocked. I was just a struggling agent! But he saw potential I didn't. He became my mentor, and within a year, my sales SKYROCKETED. Imagine what the right guidance could do for YOU.#lifecoach #mon...
SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES. We all have 24h in a day. Yet some people like @edmylett manage to get 3 days in 1, by following this system. Split your day in 3 blocks of 6h. From 6h am to noon,Noon to 6h pm and 6h pm to midnight. When you feel like you're having a bad day, remember that you have 2 chanc...
Don't abandon your own well-being. You are allowed to care for yourself and love yourself. It isn't selfish it's necessary #selflove #selfcare #happyday #yourenotalone
How bad do you want it? So bad that you're willing to do the things others don't want to do ?Ask yourself that question when you say you want to sd, make more money, be healthier or live an abundant life. #doyourpart #successisamindset
Your body is a powerful tool in expressing your inner selfHow you carry yourself can uplift your mood and transform your day. Make the conscious choice to let your body reflect the joy and energy you seek.#bodylanguage #respectyourbody #protectyourenergy #wordsofwisdom #lifecoach