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I think the only other technique worse than a split stance unrack is the backwards one Also, I hate my voiceovers so this will probably be the last one for the time being. Summer bodies are made in the winter with the @rpstrength RP Diet App. Its ideal for people who train and keeps performance...
Of course Ive experienced the classics such as unknowingly wearing not squat proof leggings @rpstrength ROBYN10@vivobarefoot MACH10@helimixco ROBYN@lululemon @ironrebel ROBYN #newyear #gymlife #fitness #training #storytime #powerlifting #powerbuilding #squats #hammies #benchpress #chestworkout #...
2024 goal: to see muscle definition in leggings Speaking of leggings, one thing Im not a fan of is the back waist band seam that cuts off half my butt. Leave more fabric for the booty gains or something.@rpstrength ROBYN10@vivobarefoot MACH10@helimixco ROBYN@lululemon @ironrebel ROBYN @goldsgym_f...
No I didnt get my hair done, this is my natty hair. Ive straightened it for basically my whole adult life because I thought it looked bad wavy. RP Diet Coach App End of the Year Sale: Save up to 20% on your subscriptionMonthly $17.99 instead of $19.99Yearly $79.99 instead of $99.99Works out to be...
My squat set up used to be so aggressive, and I dialed that back a few notches after injuring myself. I take a little more time, breathe, focus on bracing (as you can see from my face veins lol) and lift with intention. You can act big and bad but if you stick around in the game long enough, thos...
I used to suck at bench, like the very first time I ever benched an empty bar I got pinned. Granted this was back in middle school roughly 20 years ago but still it stuck with me and it was a goal of mine to have a decent bench. For 2024, I really want 300lbs. Get a head start on your New Year g...
Is there something you want to know? Ask and theres a chance Ill do a video reply to some of them! Get a head start on your New Year goals with the @rpstrength RP Diet App. Its for anyone who wants to lose fat, build muscle or maintain what they have. Its backed by science and is like having a d...
Ive been recommending their stuff for a while, so Im happy to announce that Im now an @ironrebel athlete! Im picky about what brands I associate with and Im pretty hyped about this one. Im a huge fan of their PR sleeves (Im a size L but typically a Small in other brands, their sizing is different...
15lbs off from my all time PR. My squat face is always the worst, I cant help it I feel like the more of a face I make the harder Im trying, idk. Who jumped on the @rpstrength RP Diet App deal? Theres not many diet apps that Id feel confident getting my macros and building meal plans on as an a...
Nothing is more frustrating than knowing you have the strength to lift the weight but something is holding you back. Ive hardly deadlifted since over the summer but I mentally needed to hit some sets and reps of 405. Thats what I planned to do and thats what I did. The @rpstrength Black Friday/Cy...
Us girls really cant help it, stop picking on us in the comments Featured in order: @larrywheels @bilbo_swaggins181 @joesullivan_aod @therealshanehunt @hamstringpapi Get your nutrition dialed in with the @rpstrength RP Diet App. Plug in your stats, your physique goals and it gives you a personal...
If you decide to compete in powerlifting and someone said if you bench with an arch it could help take stress off your shoulders, recruit more muscles, enhance stability, and decrease ROM so you can lift more weight, would you do it? Or would you still continue to bench flat back since thats what...