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Yet another floral favorite!
Velvet ways..
Current status: Navigating life one floral dress at a time
Sometimes, its more about the feel than the steps.. To be not dancing, but just gliding, lost in the song moving as one with the music. Soulful.. Song: Sajni Re #sajnire @beatdancestudioo Thank you for such a different & beautiful experience, @aashish.dubeyy truly enjoyed (despite the goofups ha...
Spent the last week in Bangalore anchoring at AWS Summit. 20 shoots. 20 different startups. 20 different conversations. All converging on artificial intelligence - yes, A.I was the buzzword! It was hectic but the experience was enriching. Grateful for the opportunity to connect with such a vibran...
Dont compare your chapter 1 to someone elses chapter 20.
seeing life cinematically #windy #guitar #summer #summerdress
You wouldve been 66 today Celebrating you everyday, your love for music, theatre & life! Miss you Baba Happy birthday, be safe & happy wherever you are..
#Throwback to a whole three months ago. Last one is my favourite!
Learn from flowers - always angle towards the Sun
I used a heat free curler for the first time and this is what I think: 1. Perfect for beachy waves & soft curls at the bottom. But dont expect to nail tight curls unless you use leave it overnight on slightly damp hair. But I suggest go easy on complete wet hair as it can lead to hair breakage! 2...