Rick Graham

Guitarist/Musician from the UK. I also draw with pencils from time to time. Fan of short stories.
👇Visit my website for guitar lessons.
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My happiest times are me alone with a guitar. But I still love being around people that allow me to be free to express myself.
Guest solo for Polyphia just over 10 years ago. Those lads are in their prime. Me? I'm just about to draw my pension. #guitar
It doesn't matter what you are going through. Guitar is the most wonderful instrument to channel every emotion you are experiencing. Play. #guitar
Carbohydrate based video footage. #potato #guitar
Just joined the Wolverhampton and District Aqualung Society. On another note, its 40% off all downloads from my website until Monday. Link in bio! Cheers!! #guitar
This. #patmartino #joediorio #love #guitar #monday #motivation
Scarlatti, son of Scarlatti. Sonata K178. A genius if ever there was one. #scarlatti #domenico #sonata
I just walked through my back door straight into a huge spiders web. Whilst I hold spiders in very high esteem indeed, I don't relish the idea of one on me. #guitar
The guitar is such a unique instrument. It offers so many possibilities to create something wonderful with. It deserves a medal of the highest order. #guitar #fretboard #harmony
Changes: Amin11 - Cmin11 - Gmin11 - Abmaj7b5 (Ab7b5 on repeat)
Some bloody picking. #guitar #guitarist #sunday #new #england #clam #chowder
With a Shell Pink Strat, Red fashionable sweater and a bit of practice, life would be grand. #guitar