Rich Manley

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Adventurer. Exploring the world to find the secrets of magic and culture.
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Looking around from above, I often forget to take in the little accomplishments that fuel the big ones. From this perspective, it may be hard to tell, but the beauty of the Santa Monica mountain range surrounds me here at echo cliffs, sporting the best of both worlds when it comes to a nice brisk...
I traveled to Japan in search of traditional culture and ways of life that still perpetuated into todays world. This is when I was introduced to the ancient art of Sawanobori by a climbing contact there named Decky. In my search for understanding traditional culture on a deeper level, Decky expla...
Wed like to introduce one of our new ambassadors. Rich Manley is a world-wide adventurer and explorer. Inspired by his late grandfather, who was a traveling doctor, adventurer, and magician, Rich explores the globe by following in his grandfathers footsteps. He has honed many adventure skills for...
There was a chilly hush surrounding the canyons of the ouray ice park. The yearly ice festival had ended and climbers and vendors alike had packed out after a long weekend of competitions and festivities. The ice was soft, picked out and sweating from the unusual heat wave slithering through the ...
Ouray Colorado is a magical place in the winter. Frozen pillars of ice ravage the walls of the infamous ice park. Like a sleeping frost dragon rearing its fangs, the cold canyon swallows eager climbers that tempt fate, while honing skills on sharp icicle chandeliers and massive ice walls. This is...
Winter brought me to the Switzerland of America - Ouray, Colorado. Temps were unusually high for this time of year, but still chilly enough to wear my hardiest layers and jackets. One of my favorites being this hooded sheepskin jacket by @overlandsheepskin . As the sun faded and flickered behind ...
Heading north from the warm comforts of Southern California, I found myself in the teen temps of the eastern sierras, with one mission - seeking out frozen water to climb. Thanks to @decathlonusa , I was able to pack all my gear in their water repellant Forclaz 500 extend 80-120 duffle, keeping m...
Winter came barreling across the eastern sierras. Flurries turned to spindrift that cascaded down from frozen water above, while light winds turned to heavy gusts that lashed out across the frosty landscape and bit hard into the bones . The mountain was alive, while every swing of my ice tools le...
Temperatures change, rapids subside, but the mighty Colorado remains resilient. Despite the water being slightly colder than Id like, a packraft down its slithering back is a pure delight. Days are cut in half as the massive canyons and red sandstone walls hide and drown out the sputtering sun. R...
Traveling down the wide and often temperamental Colorado River, I found a bank to rest my packraft and a friend to do a little magic for. Meeting up with Clinton aka @estwdd6 in Moab Utah, was an adventure to remember, and not without a little magic to break the ice - needless to say, I always ha...
Another year has come to a close and I am reminded of the many adventures had, and many moments of reflection as each one comes to an end. With every new endeavor, a gained insight, a new wisdom, and a deeper understanding of the world. I think what Im truly seeking out here in the vast wild is n...
Theres no better way to learn than by taking a leap into the unknown. The unfamiliar territory, the comradely of an adventure far from home and shared by those met on the road. I think the most important thing in my waking personal journey is to understand the art of human existence. I believe li...