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📸 Photo snapper living in Bend, Oregon
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Trudged through some thick snow up a butte last week hoping for a nice sunset, but the clouds came rolling in. Ended up taking some aerial snowy tree photos once again like a broken record.
Winter scenes from above
Snowy, cold mornings downtown
A tale of two perspectives. While shooting sunrise this morning, I loved all of the patterns that were happening in the ice chunks below this bridge. In the same way aerial images can offer some unique viewpoints, Ive been trying to take more abstract or intimate shots of textures and patterns. M...
Some interesting conditions from early this morning. Ive been doing a lot of drone photo and video work recently and its been fun to shoot things in a different way. Now its time for some snow to make our landscapes even more beautiful!
Some more moments from yesterdays foggy morning.
Some gloomy skies this morning. Going to have to come back here on a clear morning after some fresh snowfall. This one feels a bit too flat in color/contrast.
Morning commutes
Some icy shots from the river this morning
For the rest of the year, all my prints will be 20% off! Heres some of my favorite shots from over the years that Ive printed for customers. Ill be sharing some bigger discount pieces I have in my home inventory over the next week as well. Its still a wild feeling anytime someone chooses to hang ...
Got real adventurous today traveling 15 feet into the backyard when I noticed these cool frozen leaves on top of our frozen sandbox.
Shot some little waterfalls yesterday at a spot I havent been to in years. I forgot how much I love this section of creek.