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Even after all this time the Sun never says to the Earth You owe me
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February 6Imani Winds // @imaniwinds Okay GRAMMYS! Yall better do it with those ceremonies! So much meaningful music and performances Sunday, regardless of trophies - big heart to the folks putting that stuff together - felt realer than for a long time. For today Id love to highlight one of th...
Congratulations to all the wonderful artists nominated for Grammys, those who werent nominated, those who won, and those who have yet to win. I was honored to represent @nonesuchrecords and @redlightmgmt in my catagories, and delight in the fact that the music world will be chattering about som...
February 5Black Forager @blackforager Alexis Nikole Nelson is taking back foraging, and connecting it to larger issues of land ownership and history, and shes freaking hilarious to boot. She shows you the wonders in your own back yard (or cemetery!) AND how to cook them.Read a great piece on Ale...
February 4Mychal the Librarian // @mychal3ts I stumbled over this young mans instagram a few months ago and was immediately struck with his enthusiasm, kindness, and love for the library. He has been on a bit of a roller coaster, as I am not the only one to admire his work! But he has handled i...
February 3Jacqueline Woodson / @jacqueline_woodson I first met this fellow MacArthur Fellow at a literary event and I was immediately struck by her ease in her skin and the lovely way she looks out at the world. She has blessed us with so many beautiful books, from picture books to teenage to ad...
February 2Stephen Satterfield, Whetstone Media @isawstephen @whetstonemedia A few years ago I was made completely breathless by a fantastic documentary called High on the Hog on the origins of American cuisine, with the focus being on the food that started within the Black community. It was beau...
Okay folks Im departing a little from the usual this year. The usual historical posts take me upwards of two hours a day to do, and I have some intense writing deadlines that I have to use that time for - so this year I would love to focus on some contemporary folx who are mixing and matching th...
Holocaust Remembrance day was a few days ago, January 27, I just found out. The podcast episode linked below is an absolutely must-listen and is from one of the best series out there, Criminal. Its about the Nuremberg trials and that incredible gentleman there, Benjamin B Ferencz. Give it a lis...
While we are talking about the plight of the working class musician I wanted to highlight a new and exciting organization called www.thefanalliance.org - on their front page they say:Music needs fans and fans need music.Music, like all art, is essential for a healthy democracy and a healthy natio...
I can be conflicted about art awards and still be happy for people who receive them, knowing what they can mean for a career, witness exhibit A:This is SO exciting! My illustrative partner for this book, We Could Fly (based on the song by me and Dirk Powell which was inspired by the story collec...
My GRAMMY story from 2010. Back in 2010, the Carolina Chocolate Drops (at that time the original trio, myself, Dom Flemons, and Justin Robinson) were up for a Best Folk Music GRAMMY. It felt like a big deal to us even though I was (and still am) conflicted about the industry part of the music ind...
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