The Smiling American Bully

Im Remo Which means the strong one Living in NY Follow me watch me grow Mom chacha1319
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Nap time for the besties
Besties Baby boy loves sharing with his brother and Remo is so gentle with him.
Brothers & besties.
Hey everyone!!! We have been a little busy with the newest addition to our pack. Remo is back, better than ever and has a new Bestie in his life. He is the best big brother. Love you all & happy holidays
We are finally getting our boy his little human. The meatball is going to be a big brother. Our miracle baby will be here January 2023. we are beyond excited!
The birthday baby. Love this boy so much. 8
The meatball living his best life this summer.
The Nice weather is here which means the meatball moves from relaxing on the indoor couch to the outdoor couch lol love my boy.
I just want to squish this Velvet baked potato. I cant help myself, I mean look at the way he sleeps hugging his own back legs and with a pillow under each end
My handsome boy enjoying this gorgeous spring day.
Ugh he literally melts my heart Saturday morning snuggles. Cant move with this boy laying in my lap.