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COMMUNITY QUESTION?I really want to know your thoughts? I had this statement from someone a while back that said you shouldnt post sexy pictures if youre a life coach or pictures showing any of your body I believe that if I want to empower my clients mainly female to embrace all of who they are -...
THIS QUESTION IS EVERYTHING!Comment ME if you feel me on this and I will send you a cool resource to keep getting up even when you fall/fail! WE GOT THIS!#keepgoing #neverquitting #neverquit #lifecoachforwomen #lifecoachingforwomen
Ladies! This post is for US! COMMENT 21DAY but you also need to DM me 21Day (otherwise I cant send the link) if you want access to my 21 Day Fitness + Breathwork challenge (Its still currently FREE for a limited time) Its literally the way Ive trained my body for years!!!! AND how I start most d...
Do you know your attachment style? Let me know below!1. Anxious.2. Avoidant.3. Secure.4. Disorganized.Here are 3 great books that to explore if you want to learn more about your attachment style:1. Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How it can help you find and keep love by Rachel ...
NO MORE TOXIC DANCINGThis one hits hard! Its the work I had to do to start attracting the right type of partners into my life! So if youre also ready to stop doing the dance COMMENT the words so ready below and I will share a free badass resource with you!Oh and do you agree?? Am I right?! : And ...
Comment the word, MASTERY if you want access to my upcoming Mindset Mastery Masterclass on 14th May, 5 PM PST and learn how you can master your mindset and uplevel your life.Which is your favorite and causes you to think the most?1. If you were in a room with everyone you ever met, who would be t...
Please dont overthink it!Healing pain and trauma doesnt have to take years and years - my healing journey began 25+ years ago and for 41 days straight I did some of the deepest work I had ever done ! This began my journey back to me, a homecoming of sorts.It doesnt have to take years, but it but ...
COMMENT elevate if you are ready to shift your mindset with me in my free masterclass!Being single can be sexy Being single can be magical! Being single can be the greatest gift of your life! But its up to YOU to see it that way! And yep, you so got this!PS: DM the word SOAR if youd like to explo...
Comment the word, MASTERY if you want access to my upcoming Mindset Mastery Masterclass on 14th May, 5 PM PST and learn how you can master your mindset and uplevel your life.This is the FASTEST way to beat your imposter syndrome. Comment the word, MASTERY if you want access to my upcoming Mindset...
Stop WAITING! Your life is calling youYour future self is begging you to hit GO!Your dreams are in the vortex they just need you show up for them!QUESTION: Seriously - Help me out here? What is this invention called? Flameless lighterAnd a big shout out to all the magical inventors out there in ...
Make peace or change it!If you find yourself complaining over the same thing again and again, apply my Three Bitch Rule!Watch the reel to know what I am talking about! What was the last time you complained about something?P.S: Need some help moving the needle in your life and getting to the NEXT ...
MORNING ROUTINESYes they matter!Comment the word MORNING if you want my FREE masterclass on why they matter and how to create one!Having a morning routine for the last 10 years has changed my life on so many levels Its the thing that I always come back to to get my feet back underneath me so that...