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Always strive to become the best version of YOURSELF!!! You will learn more from loosing than you will ever learn from winning!!, only if your constantly trying to WIN!! @1stphorm #noparticipationtrophies #iam1stphom #realworldtactical
Rifles come and go but @aimpointusa always stays the same!! Working my micro red dot at the range!! #aimpoint #realworldtactical JUNE 15 SMALL CLASS IN SOUTH FLORIDA DM TO PUT YOURSELF ON THE WAITING LIST
Fun range day working my @sarusaofficial Socom9 with @paradox_training will be giving a small class in south florida June 15 Dm me if you want to be added to the waiting list!! #realworld_tactical #sarusa
Discipline will always be more important than motivation @monsterenergy
Getting ready for summersmash @1stphorm #iam1stphom #realworld_tactical
Putting my @aimpointusa micro red dot to good use, around 25 yards out with swamp assssssssss !! #aimpoint #micro #realworldtactical
@sarusaofficial Sar9 Socom. Always accurate, reliable, durable and affordable. #sarusa #sar9
Whats your every day carry??? Oh just my @civiviknife signature blade orthrus #civivi #weknives
24 Years Teaching you to become more capable humans!!! 24 Years Showing you that your capable of so much more than you thought possible. 24 Years of watching you become mentally and physically UNBREAKABLE!! Its been a great ride!! @1stphorm Class last month was great students killed it!!
Accuracy is always final with @aimpointusa over 15 years going strong!! Ammo: @sovereignammo 556 #aimpointmicro #realworldtactical #alwaystraining
Only the present matters, so fight for it!!! @1stphorm #realworldtactical #iam1stphom
Testing out the New @sarusaofficial Sar9 Sub compact running some @sovereignammo 9mm. Aim Small Miss Small day!! @crossbreed_holsters : N8Tactical IWB #sarusa #soverignammo