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What a dream @imbarbiefeels @thealixlynx @iamslivan
Its a far more enjoyable life centered around an awareness that the quality of your private internal experiences are far more valuable and impactful, to you and those you love, than the external observable ones perceived by others. Gifting yourself those inner moments of peace without self-critic...
Bts by @viceerotica WONDERFUL day, wonderful photos coming
Its my birthday today and what I want is for for all beings to live happy and free. SLS is rescuing hundreds, and have saved thousands of meaningful animal lives from cruelty and needless death. They have been building a new base and adding onto its structure for some time, and continuously take ...
The insatiability of freedoms desire to escape the predictabilities Ive mapped out and scheduled my presence into, is fracturing every bit of shell that temporal relativity created in me to attempt to stay safe, ignoring whats been perceived or believed about me, by me, and easily escaping the ol...
Short girl summer. @iamslivan
Lately (ACV + Nixie combo is my new fav choice drink of summer )
Jumping guarantees youll fall, or fly, but either way youll learn. Why entertain the fear to jump, if the only truest guaranteed outcome is new knowledge and experiential wisdom? The only thing you gain from redundancy is comfort in familiarity. Most would rather just continue to deal with the fa...
The only trick was attempting to stop myself from eating the popsicle too quickly, which I obviously failed. @bangers_imagery
I thank all Goodness for emotional sovereignty and finding solace in allowing independently established unconditional peace of mind.
So much wonderful life happening lately my ecstatic joy for every moment, whether perceived as desired or unexpected, can barely be contained in this little body. (Scroll for a serene moment of @trevorhallmusic at @humphreysshows )
We wanted to serve looks, so @realnicoleaniston served a knockout! Drop a if you reminisce on this iconic VIXEN Angel moment......#nicoleaniston #vixen #vixenangel #friday #friyay #fbf #flashbackfriday #modellife #boxingbeauty #fashionmeetsfitness #empowerment #stregthandbeauty #strongisbeautifu...