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Your life can shatter in a single moment.
Almost 20 months now without you. There’s a light at the end I can finally see...yet it will never erase the darkness and pain I’ve lived in without you and our sweet Dottie Girl. Never forget, my babies...YOU ARE MAGIC!❤️???
Man oh MAN! I finally figured out why I can’t get a dang thing done when I’m working with @mrs_chaddycakes at @renovate_with_me ??? Shout out a friend?????? you KNOW that can totally relate to this!?? . #shutup #donttalktome #thatswhatshesaid #truth #laughs #funnyinstagram #jokes #jokesfordays #myl...
This is hands down THE BEST convo I’ve had with my baby girl!? Just wait until the girls/church part!???‍♀️✌?? #mom #singlemom #girltalk #realtalk #realanniereed #grownuptalk #kidssaythedarndestthings
I’ve been sitting on this post for about a week now. I have about a million things to say about it, yet nothing seems to suffice what I want to share. This last year almost broke me. I experienced a darkness that I wouldn’t wish upon an enemy. I’m not fully ready to share what these pictures mean...
Keto-Friendly Avocado Cheese Bread! Hells yes!????? Have you ever tried making your own cheese bread?! I want to know! Also, who wants the recipe?! . #realanniereed #realanniereedcooks #ketolife #ketorecipes #ketomeals #vsg #vsgtransformation #vsgjourney #ketoaftervsg #weightloss #weightlosstransfo...
The biggest blessing I’ve ever taken for granted has been being your mom. It’s been 396 days since I’ve tucked you two in bed. 396 days since I’ve woken up to you in my bed. 396 days of pain and heartache. Loss. It’s also been 396 days of unmeasurable growth and transformation for me. Transformatio...
Every storm has its end. The key is to survive the storm and learn from the lessons only pain and loss can teach us..#momlife #gratitude
Being an aunt is the best! Thomas is the best kid ever!! So happy and always entertained by my weird-ness! It was a good weekend filled with people I love!.#singlemom #auntsarethebest #ilovemyaunts #realanniereed #sundayfunday #sundayvibes #sundaywithfamily #weekend #weekendvibes
Until your fed up with your own bullshit, nothing will change. Realizing and accepting that you are where you are because of decisions you made can be a hard pill to swallow, trust me. Ive been there 1,000 times. Until youre willing to take full accountability, only then can you begin to take act...