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Calling all fans of fables and folklore! Swipe and save this post for contemporary twists on mesmerizing myths, tall tales, and classic creatures.
Dr. Sharon Saline helps families manage the daily life of children with ADHD. Her method is to help parents create a deeper relationship with their kids so the whole family thrives. Check out these tips and to learn more about her book, tap the product tag!
Diggers, tractors, and trucks, oh my! Truck-obsessed toddlers will love these fun-filled construction tales by @briannacaplansayres and @Christian_slade_ from @randomhousekids.
Head to to learn more! #IStandWithTheBanned
These books give kids something to relate to, and they can also give parents and caregivers an inside look at what young girls are experiencing. These books are all about growing up and the changes that come with it! Do you wish any of these books were around when you were young? Let us know in t...
We support the freedom to read and #WeStandWithTheBanned! Visit our link in bio for resources and more information.
Nonfiction audiobooks are a launchpad for first conversations about important topics. They are also helpful for reluctant readers who love podcasts or dont like to sit still to read. For tweens and teens, memoirs and nonfiction nurture a love of informational reading. And if you are worried about...
There's a book for that
Disability Pride Month is celebrated each year in July! These books honor the history, achievements, experiences, and struggles of the disability community. Read and empower those who identify, and for those who do not, these books will help raise awareness to build a more compassionate understan...
Reading books that were turned into movies or television series can be very motivating to children! Read first, then watch the movie as a reward Discuss the differences and have fun For the full booklist, visit our link in bio!
Is there anything better than children's laughter? These kid-recommended books will guarantee some giggles! Use our link in bio to view all 13 recommendations
Little Golden Books have the power to broaden a young child's knowledge and perspective by opening up them up to new worlds and experiences! For decades, Little Golden Books have helped millions of children develop a lifelong love of reading! They cover everything from Disney to Droids to Dolly ...