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This was inspired by the talk with Bryce, Gaby, and Mike.Successful athletes have passion for what they do, and can be very hard on themselves when things seemingly aren't going well.Here's a bonus perspective:I had an athlete come into the gym after a long time. Their strength had dropped signif...
Elliott Sykes recently competed at the Powerlifting America High School Nationals, where he secured a spot on the worlds team as a -74kg sub junior.Elliott had an impressive performance, achieving a 7/9 day. He squatted 282.5kg, setting an unofficial sub junior and junior record, and is only just...
Meet day comes with a lot of different variables than our training environment. Learning how to navigate meet day is an important skill to develop. One that can make the difference in the outcome of the meet. In powerlifting, the winner is determined by the total. Even if the meet is based on poi...
@miketuchscherer , @gabymulller and @karma.kasper engage in an insightful conversation with @bryce_cbb . They reflect on several events that have already happened in 2024, particularly focusing on Sheffield.The discussion highlights coaching strategies, the psychological aspects of training, and ...
Train harder by actually training smarter to unlock your potential step by stepHave you thought of working with a coach to take you to the next level? Go visit our website www.reactivetrainingsystems.com for further information on All-Access Coaching with one of our RTS coaches. #rts#rpe#coaching...
We are ready for the PA Masters + Equipped Nationals 2024 this week and wish the following athletes lots of strength and success on the platform!@johndemchak @ronb7575 @ross.leppala @c_f_richards @miketuchscherer #competition#powerlifting#america#ipf
We all want to use RPE-based protocols so that we can add more weight to the bar. Who doesn't? That's a massive reason why we choose powerlifting over other strength sports. MORE WEIGHT!It's fundamental.It can also be a trap.The most common mistake we do with RPE based training is to only use it ...
Mirror neuron on the wall, whos the greatest lifter of them all?Mirror neurons may not be able to answer that question, but they do play an important role in our ability to learn. Mirror neurons respond to the actions of others as if we are doing the action ourselves. Unfortunately, sometimes we ...
Embrace the evolution of your powerlifting training! Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all approaches. Your powerlifting program should mold to fit YOU, not the other way around. Remember: Your program should adapt to your current needs, recovery capacity, schedule, and more. Don't fall into ...
RTS Athlete Spotlight!Congrats to Mike Lewis on his epic performance at this years USAPL Collegiate National Championships.Mike had a 9/9 performances via 282.5 squat, 145 bench, 295 deadlift, and a 722.5 kilo total at 79.52 kilo body weight. That was a massive 42.5 kilo PR Total!Hitting the 500 ...
We all have beliefs about ourselves, our skills, abilities, and strength levels. They call it a self-limiting belief because the belief creates the limit. Often, that belief falls well short of the physical limitation. You don't have to do much digging around in sports psychology to see this. Yet...
You dont just walk aimlessly in the woods. Trust your map and compass to give you a sense of direction. Same principle applies to being an athlete. You will make various discoveries, but its important to have a system#rts#coaching#program#strength#powerlifting#gym#power#rpe