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I'm unleashing the power within me, shedding the chains of fear, doubt, worry and judgment that once held me captive. No longer will I stifle the parts of me that make me unique, the parts of me that I silenced to make others happy. I refuse to let others dictate my path. I now seek experiences t...
Life is a journey filled with many chapters. Some chapters are good, while others may be difficult and challenging. It is important to know when to end a chapter in your life and turn the page to new beginnings. Endings can be difficult, but they are necessary for growth and progress. If you keep...
Dream big
Hello, its me
In the end, only three things that matter:How much you lovedHow gently you lived And how gracefully you let go of all the things that were not meant for you
Life is all about chapters. Some chapters are there to teach us something and some chapters are there to test us. Some chapters are there to reward us and some chapters need to end for the story to go on. As I close this chapter of my life, I am filled with a mix of emotions. There is sadness for...
Its time to start being firm when it comes to your standards and your feelings. Be firm when someone has crossed a line with you. Say no to someone who keeps manipulating you. Refuse an apology when you know the behavior wont change. Speak up when someone says or does something disrespectful to y...
Trust the voice that tells you when something needs to be over. The part that tells you that you need to end a certain chapter and start a new one. The part that tells you when something has served its purpose. Trust the voice that tells you that theres so much more to you. Theres more to your li...
One year older but Im still learning so much. One year older but still making the same mistakes. One year older but still hungry for more adventures, more passion and more joy. One year older but still searching for meaning, still trying to understand why certain things happened and why certain t...
Tis the season to FALL in love the season of oversized sweaters and thigh high boots! A season to be blessed, grateful and thankful for the gift of life #favoriteseason #fall #fallfashion #themostwonderfultimeoftheyear
Elegance is beauty that never fades! A wonderful night by @yslpopupeg @ysl
Be different, be unique, be yourself