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Another rough Sunday Grind.But I managed to get it to break even.Those are the days that matter. Losing less than anyone else.Orhers would have tilted their stacks off, but we remain strong.We still got a huge day2 in the 10k tonight playing for 1.500.000$ How was your Sunday Grind?
Especially on Sundays the grind can be rough with the massive fields and so much action. Dont let the bad beats get to you. Dont let the bad plays from your opponents get to you. Dont even let your own mistakes get to you, you will get back to the drawing board to review your play after the grind...
Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners. Dont let negativity pull you down. While they waste their time, we focus on improving our strategies, discussing hands, working on our mindset and our body. We are winners. Lets continue to crush.
Poker can be rough.I had some of my roughest sessions ever.However, considering my buy ins, I am not down that much. It actually feels I am down 500k.And this matters. In rough times, losing less than anyone else.I know that most would have lost a lot more. Now its time to hit the lab, fix some l...
How did your Scoop go? Let me know in the comments.If you had a bad scoop, dont give up.We ll keep fighting. We grind through the Downswing.#poker #onlinepoker #pokertips #pokerstrategy #raiseyouredge #tournamentpoker #pokeradvice #pokercoaching #pokertraining #pokerlife #pokerlifestyle #pokertwi...
Which emoji is the most fitting for this?
THIS WAS A WILDDDD POT What has been your sickest bounty pot?
Big Sunday.GL EVERYONE#letscrush#poker #onlinepoker #pokertips #pokerstrategy #raiseyouredge #tournamentpoker #pokeradvice #pokercoaching #pokertraining #pokerlife #pokerlifestyle #pokertwitch #twitchpoker #pokerstream #mttpoker #pokermoney #pokercourse #pokerplayer
Its a great way to approach these scenarios. There is no reason to doubt your play. You made your decision. You made this the best way you could. It doesnt matter what happens next. The result should not change how you feel about your play. Of course its good to review it and get feedback, which ...
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Only crushers can get all 5 right on this one
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