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You Are Not Alone Angels ListeningPietrasanta Italy March 30th June 2
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Rachel Lee Hovnanian porta un tema interessante a Pietrasanta, larte come generatrice di relazioni umane contro la solitudine e il narcisismo. In piazza del Duomo, Poor Teddy in Repose, un enorme orsetto nero trafitto da un coltello a rappresentare linfanzia minacciata dalla violenza e dallazione...
YOU ARE NOT ALONE, ANGELS LISTENING March 30th to JUNE 2nd, 2024On view in Pietrasanta Square, in the center of town, is a monumental cast bronze Poor Teddy in Repose installation. The 4.5 m. bronze Teddy bear has a knife plunged into its chest which speaks volumes about the impact of technology ...
Lucky me to be able to work in Italy. I am also lucky to have my friend and talented photographer @cristinamacaya living in Milan and she kindly took some great shots of me in my work places. #photography #workinginItaly #artists
Thrilled to be chosen as one of the six artist to be commissioned by @ruffino_1877 to be part of a traveling show called Six Golden Visions during Milans Design Week. Carved from a single piece of Carrara marble,My idea for the table developed during my time spent in Tuscany, Italy near the Carra...
ORO by RUFFINO presents Sirvart Table Carved from a single piece of Carrara marble, the Sirvart Table joins together my practice with also my life long love of sharing food and wine with friends and Family.Building on my interest in the intersections of reality and illusion, I re-imagined a class...
So proud of my friend @rachelleehovnanian on the occasion of her commissioned installation: YOU ARE NOT ALONE ANGELS LISTENING in the church and town square of Pietrasanta, Italy. A beautiful and poetic exploration of loss of innocence, loneliness and resilience. Grateful to be here to celebrate...
Rachel Lee Hovnanians monumental bronze, Poor Teddy, is drawing crowds in the Piazza Del Duomo in Pietrasanta. This incredible piece of public art is part of the site-specific installation YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Angels Listening which delves into our inner most thoughts and fears that we cannot share...
Here is a space, a space that could transform hundreds of silenced voices into a chorus of confessionswhen enough silenced voices begin to sing, the chorus is breathtakingFilm production: @wearecousins__ #angelslistening #rachelleehovnanian #biennalearte2022 #labiennaledevenezia
YOU ARE NOT ALONE, ANGELS LISTENINGAngels Listening was first presented as a Collateral Event of the 59th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia. It is now on view through June 2nd as an expanded 5 part exhibition at the Chiesa di SantAgostino in Pietrasanta.
The making my new installation The House of Poor Teddy From a sketch to then to a reality. This work directly relates to Poor Teddy in Repose gratefull @ashitaboxe The House of Poor Teddy is located at the Sala Capitolo. This installation is a #yournotalone dystopian childs playhouse adorned w...
House of Poor Teddy 2024
Cleaning an ear with wax Teddy.. Poor Teddy. #bronzesculpture #poorteddy