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I had many options as far as what space I wanted to reside in when it came to work or picking a profession and I decided on being a writer full time because in the event of having children, I felt that Id be able to be present as much as possible and so, I just want to take the time to say thank ...
There is something so profoundly beautiful about you and I hope that whenever you hear from me again, that Ill be able to tell you what it is.Have a peaceful and restful weekend.
I love @djouliet in the role of Trina on The Big Door Prize and episode 8 of season 2 is my favorite episode of this entire series!! Definitely check out The Big Door Prize when you can! #thebigdoorprize #appletv
she just wants to forget
Claim it.
I cant believe a beautiful composition of broken turns 7 this summer!
Life lesson
I just want to go slower, thats the pace of peace.
Good morning love
I hope something good happens to you today.
Go with what makes you happy even if it at first it appears difficult to do.