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Giveaway contest! Whoever comes up with the best caption for this meme will win a receiver set. .....#atfdirector #benedictarnold #turncoat #qc10 #giveaway #quartercircle10 #memes #captionthis
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From the last @guns_badassery GAW. Loving this set up. Stay close because were gonna do it again! Congratulations! I finally made time to make a quick video and say thank you to @qtrc10 for sponsoring the @brokersoffreedom and @guns_badassery GAWs. I have been following for years and it paid off ...
Blasters and Viktos Side Charge!@qtrc10 @ely_yerian_designs @viktosbrand @steineropticsusa @reptiliacorp @dura_mag @sb.tactical #Repost @kill_flash_photography#Represent www.VIKTOS.com | #Viktos #ViktosBrand #BlackArmsCo Subscribe for 15% OFF 1st order + fresh intel
Just kicking back and killing it. Machines are hot in the shop and spitting chips. #ThatHAASLife
@guns_badassery knows whats up Getting ready to launch some cool stuff together. As a reminder, we are still shipping full pistols just no brace attached. Thanks ATF for thinking that one through. Sign up for @guns_badassery newsletter link in his profile
Chocolate and flowers?? Nah!!! We want PCCs. Use code LOVEQC10 all week long to get 14% off! Show yourself some love and get what you really wanted.
This is the way
@gsltechnology Do you wanna do Karate in the garage?? Who can relate? Tag your gun loving coworkers!
Bad to the bone Repost @gwc_gunwerks PCC setup @qtrc10 @slrrifleworks @a3tacticalinc @ruggedsuppressors #gwcgunwerks #pcc #sbr #nfa #gunsdaily #2a #2ndamendment
Im feeling spacey today Repost @broadrivertactical QC10 Lower Build-CAR-15 SD k9 Noveske Space Baby InspiredHK Shroud with 3 barrel. Dead Air Silencers Wolfman. All based around the QC10 Rider (Colt) lower.
@jchavez2856 knows whats up This build is straight fire! Got us right in the tinglies