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Dont miss this Your LinkedIn Company page is important but it CAN'T and WON'T replace your personal profile. Your company is really just a hub to connect people who work at your business with one another. Your personal profile is where youre able to expand your reach and connect with ideal client...
NO GATEKEEPING HERE!This is one of the biggest misconceptions I see when it comes to business: Protecting your intellectual property does NOT mean gatekeeping your knowledge, advice, or intel!Trying to keep everything you know all to yourself and only giving if/when you get something first is a S...
If you dont nail thisit will cost you millions!I know. Everyone says that the *insert industry here* is oversaturated AND that social media itself is impossible to stand out. Hot Take: That's not true at all.There are SO many people in the world (heck in your city!) saying social media is oversat...
You dont have to choose. Calling all of my fellow crazy multi-passionate entrepreneurs You guys know Im always here to spit the truth.I know what the secrets of success are because Ive done them, Ive become a multi-millionaire after starting my career at a $17,000 salary. I got the beach house a...
We've all done thisWe've ALL seen someone and felt that pit in our stomach. Thinking Why cant I be that skinny? Why am I not as successful as them? Why does everything seem easy for them and not me ? First I want to reassure you that those thoughts are NORMAL. Ive gotten tangled up in them man...
How f*king cool is that.No, I'm serious. You can be feeling the lowest you've ever felt, the BEST you've ever felt, the most off course you've ever felt and simply DECIDE to change it.That's the POWER you have. Okay but HOW??Here's how you're going to START the process of reclaiming, reinventing ...
REAL TALK & Tell me if this resonatesYou know you need to take bigger action with your money and business but: Youre stuck in an overwhelm overload cycle. There's something blocking you. Something ISN'T working.AND you're willing to do the work because you're tired of settling for less, and the...
But I had to do this 1stSince I was programmed from an early age to go for the safe route, it was terrifying for me to even think about doing something as risky as ditching my corporate Jobby Job to start a business. So God had to make me so miserably uncomfortable in my current circumstances in ...
Your 10 day video roadmap so you dont have to think about what to post.(Be sure to SAVE THIS)The biggest content frustration I hear from you is not knowing what to do in your videos. Then, you put off filming them & even dread having to create content. Video content is the FASTEST way to build tr...
Which one are you?I see it all the time! It's that hesitation that comes with the fear of making a wrong move or the risk of failure that keeps so many people settling for the familiar.When I was in my corporate job and working my side hustle, I was self-tormented with these 3 questions:When is t...
Some days you want to burn it all to the ground. In the sea of fakeness, filtered photos and livesI know how important it is for you to hear someone whos achieved a high level of success share THE not so pretty TRUTH.The truth is being in the game of life and business will bring you to your knee...
How to stand out There are over 200 million businesses trying to market themselves on this platform alone in 2024. This is why on both of my new podcast episodes this week, I did a hard preach to stop mimicking what others are doing in your industryblending in will make you BROKE! Here are exampl...