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Oh hi Jess Polanshek Vermont Illustrator
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Hey little Valentines
On my third cup of tea and packing up all your valentines today Happy day, people!!
To celebrate the first sunny day in forever? A heart suncatcher!! Just added
Switching to pink for a minute because Spring! Valentines! Color! Its been soooo gray here. Happy day, people!
Would you rather have your valentine delivered by Fox or Owl? Wrapping up lots of cards this week for your loves and pals
New pocket notebook sets!! For all your little lists, secrets and on-the-go sketches
How do I get invited to an owl party? Any-hoot, Im so glad folks are digging the new card!! Youve kept me super busy this week
New cards, originals, notebooks and coasters!! Happy day, people!
Psst...originalstomorrow (Wednesday).
Party time!! Birthday card coming soon. Super soon. In fact, you should make sure youre on my e-newsletter list. I have treats and good news!
Time for all the lil details!
Drop off day! Mulder helped me bring Valentines and all the goodies to @northwoodgallery