Pisit kambang

มนไมไดเปนเชนนนเอง เราตางหากททำใหมนเปนเชนนนเอง
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Sabai Sabai - it means to relax and enjoy the flow Kru F @pisit_kambang encourages his students to focus on precision and timing when sparring, rather than speed and power. Its an opportunity for you to develop, although Kru F does like it spicy, so just know what youre getting yourself into if ...
Living the dream @sitjaopho_muaythai @yokphet2004 @wesleybanana
Find your Muay Thai rhythm without pressure. Kru Fs unique life philosophy seamlessly blends Muay Thai and Buddhist principles together. Making for a friendly training experience and an opportunity to learn more about traditions and culture. I loved the authenticity with one of Muay Thais most ch...
PRESSURE FIGHTING 5/5When you apply pressure, your opponent will try and stop you with attacks! But how do you keep vision while youre getting popped moving forward ?Thank you to @phillip.liao for the question!Kru F uses a strong, narrow guard to defend well. This helps keep him keep his vision...
already feels like home @sitjaopho_muaythai @yokphet2004 @wesleybanana
PRESSURE FIGHTING 4/5 Weve learned how important it is to be fast and relentless when following your opponent as a pressure fighterAlthough we had our backpack on to go home, we wanted to ask MORE questions! So we asked Kru F: How do you enter the clinch after chasing your opponent down?@pisit_...