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Just like a mother to be absolutely obsessed in love with their babe. Im so lucky. Even though its literally PAINFUL to be without her, it all heals when we are together. You see, I share 50/50 custody with her father. He is a wonderful dad and I wouldnt want to take her time with her dad away ju...
Not the best way to start the new year @pigeonsrollerskateshop If you recognize this asshole who shattered our front window and robbed our small business please give me the lead! I feel icky & stressed but good spirits despite it all. If you want to support our shop to help with recovery...
Lady bug garden!What a majestic little patch to stumble across deep into our hike in the mountains. This LA mom and daughter crew have obviously never seen anything like it.there mere millions! This was just a small glimpse. Hibernatingor mating? #winterbreak #hiking #maplesuki #losangelesmountai...
Happy holidays from all of us at Pigeons Roller Rink! #gumduty #rollerrink #smallbusiness #pigeonskates #2ndandpch #longbeach #familyownedbiz #nogumallowed #rinklife
This was two years ago today and a great reminder that its about time to hit the slopesWhere we going this season?
Feathered ladies of Los Angeles. Beatrice, Lil Chicky, Baby Yoda and Tim. All are laying eggs now except the free loading Lil Chicky. Ill be spending my morning shoveling their poop while my bff and their main chicken mama @kristywins is in NYC for the holidays. Just call me Papa Pigeon.
I messed up. Big time.During a conversation with my 5 year old daughter I mentioned roller derby. And to my complete HORROR, she asked Whats Roller Derby?!.I was aghast, I was confused. How could she not know? She was basically born on the derby track, went to her first game at 10 weeks old and h...
Is prepartum anxiety a thing? Been struggling since Maples conception. With never ever having any real experience with anxiety prior, I was suddenly so anxious at the age of 31. Like woah my first panic attacks, heart pounding so fast, feeling like something is very wrong from 2-6am daily. I took...
Rode into the Los Angeles mountains until the sun went down and we had to turn around.#adventurebiking #losangeles #mountains #bikeride #naturelover #funmom #bikeway
What you see reflects your thinking, and your thinking but reflects the choice of what you want to see.
Her cooking styleGOURMET
No school means no work (for mommy) and all play! #holidaybreak #rollerskating #pikachu #rollerrink #maplesuki #pigeonsrollerrink