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More power jumps at @edenparkzone ! Didnt complete the strides but Ill be back. Very similar tech to the previous reel, how would you improve this?
If you know me, you know my run ups Explain why it does or doesnt make sense to you from a technical perspective
@edenparkzone prototype was sick This is one of the last runs I did with cramps all over the place Two full days of pretty heavy training!
Well I guess I had to
Spent the weekend at this brand new near by spot!
Together Were Stronger Parkour Jam! Questa volta in quel di @bagni_freerun insieme a bella gente e good vibes
Some GymKour for you!Siamo alla palestra @bagni_freerun , dove domani ci sar la jam Together we are stronger! Ci sono ancora posti disponibili! Andate a leggere lultimo post di @bagni_freerun per tutte le info Non mancate, io non mancher
Preparati a sbalordirti per la Skillz Competition di questanno! Abbiamo una sorpresa esplosiva per te: @phoskygup sar con noi! Siete pronti a mettervi alla prova nelle sfide?!Noi non vediamo lora di goderci lo spettacolo! #higheritaly #parkour #skillzcompetition2023#skillz #parkourtorino #pastamo...
Assasins creed stuff! Cant be the average tourist can I? .#tuscany #toscana #chianti #parkour #freerunning
Loved this one at @diehallehamburg What was that landing tho? .#parkour #freerunning #jump #stunt #movement #fitness #hamburg
Diving all the way to #4tlom @jumpfreerun Btw Im selling @krapstagram baggy pants and more! Hit me up if you want some
Non-foampit stuff at @diehallehamburg ! Got more on the archives for you guys Love that double alien thingy, any tips for it?