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My worn Solvitur Ambulando. I am very hard on rings and wear them smooth in time. Loving this one against the wild gambone watercolour and one of @meeraleepatels gorgeous poems. My desk is especially delicious in the misty morning rain when the sky is glowing. Fragments, for now. We will have mor...
Turn it and turn it,for everything is in it.Ben Bag BagGrowing and flourishing are not always analogous.Our 2023 year in review newsletter is in your inbox - if you receive our newsletter - do you?!#2023 #yearinreview #flourish #growth #smallbusiness #pegandawl #familybusiness #pearl
I am tangled again, with @pegandawl and @beingmargauxkent - it makes sense, as they are both me. My @Substack adventure, however, is more divided. Not so much the maker me but the other me. I share it here with caution or frivolity, i don't know which. #substack #apoemaday #margauxkent #bookmaker...
Working on the next new version of this new journal with small changes and an unknown cover! This we will figure out tomorrow, but it is also our big 2024 Peg and Awl meeting day tomorrow where we dream we will sort through the next 12 months with ease. Looking for some pixie dust. (But there is ...
Our new collection of journals are in the works! This is my favourite so far, made for @deborah.j.stein , using her Pinocchio silhouettes that I so adore!I am still working out details and using a thinner version for my current journal to see how it breaks in. We are using leather that we got fro...
Working on details for our new journals! This collection will expose all of the processes, much like our Anselm, but with hardcover and new details. Ps: I usually use a wire brush to fray the chord but was too lazy and used an old awl. As it goes, many things work for anythings. #pegandawl #bookb...
Yesterday was Peg and Awl's 14th Anniversary and we had the strange good fortune of a power outage from a deluge that sent us out of the house into a small local space. Sometimes it is damn hard to just change the setting in a small way. But this isn't that. This is another change, the easier kin...
In Connecticut with the promise of a snow storm, sifting through nearly a years' worth of poems with the aim to tuck them into these little notebooks with some intention. I've been making a lot of blank books lately, a surge of paper folding and stitching and string. Something is loosening, I sus...
Something about the sharp line betwixt this and last year that makes me want to extend my pause from here into forever! But alas, here I am with a little update from my cluttered over-projected desk. Tomorrow I head north to the cold Berkshires to a cabin in the woods with @deborah.j.stein for ou...
2023 has seen us through much change, after so much changing these last few years! We are settling in to our new space, have opened our doors to visitors, and are working on new treasures that we look forward to sharing with you. Thank you for being here!Enjoy our 2-day, end-of-year sale with ELS...
We are opening our barn shop tomorrow - come say hey and pick up a gift if you are in the area. Visit us at: 1240 Samuel Rd. West Chester, PA 19380Thursday (Dec 21): 12-7pmFriday (Dec 22): 12-7pmSaturday (Dec 23): 12-5pm#pegandawl #westchester #pennsylvania #smallbusiness #waxedcanvas #sendakarti...
Working on our storefront for the holiday finishing stock of all of our treasures, digging through 14 years of Peg and Awl stuff, and a quick run to an antique shop for an old biscuit shelf! Tomorrow through Wednesday, we will print and tag and tidy. By Thursday our shop will be open!We are also...