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Our Crows Feet Journals are available on our website!Like everything at Peg and Awl, we hand make them here in West Chester, Pennsylvania!Weve had some interest in turning this journal style into a kit/tutorial. What do you think? It will be a while before we can pull everything together, but Id ...
A Pinch and A Punch (for the first of the month) Club (something to nudge you into a little mark making!)This month the prompt is Love Share your work on July 1st!It took me a bit to understand this prompt, and once I did I realized that I do something like this every day, and decided to take @m...
GIVEAWAY CLOSED Cut+Paste Magazine, Dear Elaine Co, and Peg & Awl are teaming up to bring you a beautiful artist and travel-themed giveaway. Prizes include:-2 copies of Cut+Paste's Travel issue, an art and photography magazine designed to be cut up and used in your creative projects.-A Drawing Di...
Crows Feet!Our newest journal is coming soon! If you are interested in knowing when they will be available, type Crows Feet in the comments and Ill send you a message with the details. (It wont be an automated response because I dont know how to do that yet and will be spending the day out with m...
Journals and more journals through the years, in progress, well-worn, filled up. These are all of the softcover journals that Sren @sorenscoutkent, Silas koshooniart and I have filled over the years!#bookbinding #journaling #leatherjournals #leathertomes #bookbinder #journalmaking #bookmaker #peg...
Seven years ago, as we were running out of antique leather, we embarked on a mission to find a sustainable alternative and made our way to @bakerstannerycolyton in UK. When we arrived, the Tannery Cat gave us a tour of the magical world and we left fulfilled. And we made an order for the special ...
Today is a good day. The air is cool and I just put my name on the list for Clip Drop! Cannot wait to get twenty yards of wood chips and make serpentine paths through the woodland. I am to photograph our new journals and Scraplings pouches too, and looking over the serpentine path it took to get ...
We love sharing helpful reviews and photographs in our newsletters. We link to websites and instagram accounts as well, so our readers can find you and your work!I rambled on a little about a positive email and a negative one, one day after the next, about the same thing in todays newsletter. Per...
Thank you for your feedback on the birds! Weve been wanting to make stickers for years to make the opening experience a touch more magical but dang, if the simplest things dont drag on forever!I put the birds up for a vote and the one in the second second won by a far! There were lots of votes fo...
Seeing all of these colours together for orders is inspiring me to do a newsletter on waxed canvas colour - the colours we have, the colours we are considering, and what they look like net to each other. We will also put together some multi-coloured Sendaks for fun, and put them on our website!Le...
This weekend was magical! So much chattering and so many stories. Hoping to distill a few somewhere. Poem? Substack? @beingmargauxkent For now, here are the few photographs I managed to shoot in the early morn. It is so hard to remember a phone exists in the midst of human beings in a space with...
Today is our studio tour! Quick post.Few peeks.Come and visit! @pegandawlbuilt@sorenscoutkentSilas @beingmargauxkentalso featuring @beampaints in the slides#pegandawl #artstudio #handmadepaints #handmadewatercolour #innkdrawings #postoffice #kidart #familytrails #studiotour #openstudio #westchest...