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Lymphoma Warrior
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When Pax got sick I needed an outlet for my grief.I started writing about all that was in my head.Through that experience new ideas and thoughts about life emerged.I ended up sharing my perspective and thoughts with my husband, Jarrod, over dinner.While we were eating Pax was never far awaytypica...
Some bunny loves you
Things that happened to me this week:1. I finally went to pick up Paxs clay paw print at the Vet.2. A red cardinal landed on a Flowering Dogwood tree that bloomed overnight.3. Paw print tattoos arrived so we can figure out where wed like to place a real one.4. While outside a ladybug landed on my...
I woke up at 4am after a dream about Pax.It actually wasnt about Pax it was about grief in regards to him.In the dream I was sitting at a round table with my husband and a woman.I couldnt see her face but I feel like she had short blonde hair and a kind face.She said, Dont let them push you out o...
Im really missing Pax.I got a DM the other day, How come some days are harder than others? she wrote.I sat with the question for a whileI dont have an explanation to be honest.Its just coming up a lot lately.Like the other day I was opening a yellow jar of playdoh while on the floor with my daugh...
JUST write for 30 days and if you can do that then you can do anything.- JarrodThat was 6 was months ago.Im excited (and nervous) to share the launch of my blog, What Nik Knows.What started out as a private journal is now a public blog.My 36th birthday is around the corner and I read somewhere th...
When I woke up this morning I was sure Pax was either on the bed or about to jump up.It was like muscle memorydaily routinehabit.And then I remembered that wasnt part of my routine anymore.I still sense his presence all the time.When good things happen- hes there with us.When challenges arise and...
Over the years I have felt the truest, purest lovethe love of God, really, I imagine thats what Gods love feels likeis the love that comes from your dog. - Oprah Winfrey missing you so muchsent your valentine to heaven. Love you always!
Can you call the veterinarians office to find out if Paxs paw print is in?A request I asked my husband to take care of as I couldnt bring myself to call and say, Hi Karen, Its Nikki Sammet, Paxs mom.They have it we can grab it anytime he told me later that day.When can you pick it up? I responded...
I started thinking about how I hadnt thought about Pax recently.But then I quickly reminded myself that I had.Every time I saw a dog on a walk.Every time I passed by his veterinarians office on the way to drop my kid off at school.Every time I saw the orange ball laying in the backyard unplayed w...
I am an online creator I share digital work. Youll find me snapping away on my camera or iPhone. Or sharing through my true love, writing. Im also a storyteller and I do this through writing stories that weave between personal experience and personal development. Life lessons & learnings.Ive love...
I stepped away from @paxthedood slowly.First, was when I was finishing my Ph.D. in 2019.Then in 2020 when I became a first time mom.Then in 2021 when we made a cross country move.And then lastly in 2022 when our 2 year old son Jake was diagnosed Autistic.Pretty much my world stopped and my only f...