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Speed Champions2024 Origins Spring ClassicUnder 131st Quinn Lazer2nd Thomas Osteberg3rd Daniel Yu Under 171st Emiliano Pea2nd Colin Blais3rd Andrew IntiharWomens Open1st Jess Do2nd Jess Chan3rd Christie WongMens Open1st Seth Moon2nd Tyler Dennis3rd Connor Morgan#originsparkour #speedparkour#park...
Skill Champions2024 Origins Spring ClassicUnder 131st Quinn Lazer2nd Andrei McAlpine3rd Kuba FernandesUnder 171st Emiliano Pea2nd Colin Blais3rd Andrew IntiharWomens Open1st Brenda McCallum2nd Christie Wong3rd Steph CalvertMens Open1st Michael Hill2nd Finn Devitt3rd Seth Moon#originsparkour #ski...
Style Champions2024 Origins Spring ClassicUnder 131st Quinn Lazer2nd Luca Vadeboncoeur3rd Max RaiUnder 171st Colin BlaisWomens Open1st Jess Do2nd Brenda McCallumMens Open1st Silas Raap-Kopiyka2nd Alex Wyatt3rd Weston Haffey#originsparkour #styleparkour #parkour #vancouver
DAY 2! Athlete check in at 1:00pm.#originsparkour
Todays updated Schedule Please arrive at 12pm if you are competing.Spectators are also welcome to enter at 12pm.Todays competition is scheduled to end by 6pm.#originsparkour
Calling all those looking to up their game Competing is great for individual growth and improvement. Participate in Skill, Speed, & Style. Divisions: U13, U17, Womens Open, & Mens Open.Free to come watch and cheer #originsparkour #vancouver #parkour
Have you seen my video?(Link in bio)23 attempts + 3 other sessions = 80 or more. At the time I thought that was a lot for one challenge. This one was shot in 2018 by Olly Bian (whom I had been coaching since he was thirteen years old). The first project setback came not long after this when Olly...
Look before you leap.Another rainy weekend. Weve been packed for Open Gym. Be sure to brush up on your gym etiquette in order to avoid this awkward situation #parkour #vancouver #originsparkour
Micd Up with Coach Nathan To learn a buttery smooth slide vault (aka thief vault) it helps to slow things down by taking a step on the wall first. Also dont neglect your crab walk #originsparkour #parkour #vault
Still waiting to get tagged in some snow parkour clips though #originsparkour#parkour#parkourgym#vancouver#portmoody
Snow Day We are closed today at our Main St and Port Moody locations. We will be in touch about making up for missed classes. Stay safe out there and tag us in any of your snow parkour! #originsparkour #vancouver
ITS OUT!Origins Youtube (link in bio)Please go watch and drop a comment This was the line that started it all. Back in 2017 I completed this for the first time and started on the vision for Resilient.I then went back with @matteowelsh in 2019 to reshoot what you see here.#originsparkour #parkour ...