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Styling x problem solving I initially planned on wearing the skirt as a top. But I couldnt fit it over my shoulders.So plan B tried the pants as a top. Tied the legs together in front. What do you think? #clashfashion Headaches: are still here. But maybe some new information? Inflamed lymphatic s...
Free Zara dress from a neighbor. Not my usual go-to style but hey! Its free!Always wanted an Afro more like Jerry curls got this wig but it makes me look like an old ajuma (Korean lady) gonna keep trying to style it so that it looks badass.Fish kids are finally getting pets again tetras. My phy...
My 33/33 radiation therapy look.Wigs: oh I didnt lose any hair from radiation. Thx for asking. I just like wearing wigs. this one was $1.99 at the @99centsonly store in LA years ago. Lately my style preference has been changing more into street style hip hop? Im definitely not a wallflower so l...
Kimono x ChatterboxA friend is in Japan currently and inspired me to pull together a look with a kimono T-shirt: loved seeing on my H&MU lady @thebigblow Spiritual Gangster so I got one too. Jeans: really old I cut them too short myself & frayed the hem. Cant believe they still fit!Our schedule...
HYPHENATED PERSON Are you a hyphenated person?Im Korean-American.My life experience is not the same as Koreans who live in Korea. But Im also seen as a perpetual immigrant in the states.In the states, I called myself Korean. Part of the minority.In Singapore, Ive never felt less Korean and more A...
A friend says I have Claudia Kishi vibes so dressed up in my version of one of her iconic looks.Thx for the challenge @maryannaabdo . It was fun having a reason to dress up #clashfashion Id never have thought of this outfit had it not been asked of me. What should be the next challenge? Cake: 20...
Cold Play on a Wednesday! Honestly I was most blown away by Chris Martin, lead singer.Hes not of this earth.An alien like their t shirts theyre selling.And the metatron symbol like shapes on the other t shirts with this solar systems planets. Metatron cube = The way energy flows through the unive...
Indian wedding part 2: reception I didnt realize there was another part of the wedding. This time I wore a thrifted dress from @refashsg just that week.I felt like the dress by itself was too basic, sooooooI had this red head piece I didnt know how to ever wear it then Emeline quickly brought me ...
Styling vs designing Its a fantasy of many young fashionistas to become a designer have your brand be in all the magazines.I was just such a fashionista. I left my post-doctoral fellowship in neuroscience to enroll in Fashion Design at FIDM I was 29yo in class with a bunch of 17yo kids. But I dig...
Rare date night for us #datenight Dean tries hard to fit in time for us in his busy scheduleTook me to the new The Singapore EDITION hotel restaurant called FYSH. @fyshsingaporethe fish bone noodles, fish eye ball ice cream Ran into 2 familiar faces too! Validating that Singapore is itty bitty.-S...
Was invited to my meditation teachers sons Indian wedding a few weeks ago. My first Indian wedding!Was invited to the Mehendi. I didnt realize til later how special this invitation was its one of several parts of celebrating the bride & groom. This one was quite intimate, small gathering of close...
Final verdict!Decided on a hybrid too from the left and the pants from the right so I dont trip while wobbly walking.What do I think? Kinda fun mixing and matching pieces.Drew in my own bindi with lipstick Oops forgot to taper my leg opening at the ankle as I did for the actual event. @mochii_moc...