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The Thirayattam is a ritualistic art form that is performed annually in the South Malabar region of the Indian state of Kerala.
Plunge us into the unparalleled clarity of the Sucuri River, hidden away in Brazils Mato Grosso do Sul. The Sucuris secret to its clarity lies in its limestone composition. The water filters naturally, creating an underwater paradise teeming with life. Snorkelers glide alongside gentle giants...
This owl has some attitude - @victoraerden#owl #wildlife #dramatic #nature
Have you tried ragag bread? you can try this at Walid Mohammad Bakhit Bakery in Jumeira 1, Dubai, which is reputed as having the best regag bread in the world Regag Bread is a thin bread that is prepared using flour, water, and salt and cooked over a hot griddle @mr.taster collab with @streetar...
Whats up Bub? @ogdensnapsyyj #kraken #giantpacificoctopus #tentacles #octopus #cephalopod #octonation #cyberoceans #cleanbluesea #onlyinvictoria #victoriabuzz #ogdenpoint #pacificocean #salishsea #victoriabctourism #tourismbc #bctourism #vancouverislandtourism #vancouverisland #canada
These encounters happen in the lagoons of Baja, Mexico. It is a world heritage site protected by UNESCO and is legal under law. Whales approach the boats and engines are in neutral. It is entirely the whales choice to interact with humans. There is no study up to date that proves humans transmit ...
A ride to Italy in Miami with these aquatic Fiat500 Offshores.- @umaryasinofficial
@try_pod traveled to Japan and found this unique snake whiskey known as Habushu whiskey or snake wine. This beverage, a fundamental aspect of Okinawan tradition, originates from Okinawa, Japan. With a history stretching back to the 14th century among the nobility, it is distinguished by its in...
Sharks have natural instincts and splashing, panicking, and swimming away from them can trigger their prey drive. Its better to stay calm, stand your ground, make eye contact, and if necessary push them away. Quote and video by @mermaid.kayleigh #tigershark #savesharks #sharkdiver #sharkdiving #...
@daviddiez - taking us on this adventure to Explore inside a giant thousand year old tree.
@aroonmelane and a group of friends found this beached orca struggling to breathe after being trapped on the shore. Luckily, Aroon and her friends were able to help this orca survive while waiting for more help to arrive, eventually enabling her to swim away. Aroon told the Earthpix team that the...
Every Saturday from April through June, Pentecost Island (Vanuatu) witnesses the Nagol Land Diving ritual, aligned with the yearly yam harvest. This ritual is among the worlds most thrilling and dangerous cultural events. Members of the Sa Tribe, including men and boys as young as seven, dive hea...