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Bringing you the very best (and a little of the worst) from the 904. #OnlyInDuval
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Hollywood in Duval! All of the hottest videos are produced, directed, and choreographed on Kernan Blvd, RIGHT outside of Dailys Dash/ Shell gas station. Why here?! Was Friendship Fountain charging? Needed a permit to rent The Main Street Bridge? Is the beach kind of boring? Not mad at ya, glad...
Weve all seen Applied for tag signsbut THIS, THIS IS THE BEST! #OnlyinDuval #DTWD #Duuuval #oidstreetteam @d0rianyat3s
Happy Mothers Day!! We you! #OnlyinDuval
I'm lovin it. #OnlyinDuval
Ok, this makes sense #OnlyinDuval #duuuval #dtwd
Oh lawdtheyve got a lot to learn Welcome to DUUUVAL! #onlyinduval #oidstreetteam @nflmemes_ig @ghettogronk
Who is this guy?! Hes probably the most honest person in all of DUVAL! You know times are tough when you cant afford to go to the strip clubs! #OnlyinDuval #oidstreetteam @mrgordon924 #actionnewsjax #dtwd #duuuval
Research flat earth? Research fat chicks? Research flat chicks? Research fat chicks earth? You be the judge. #OnlyinDuval #DeepThoughts
Turn around bright eyes Happy Solar Eclipse Day! Heres some photos brought to you from the people of Duval. Not sure why this reminds us of photos of fireworks on the 4th of July and recording your singing during a concert. We get it- its history and its SCIENCE! #OnlyinDuval #DTWD #solareclips...
Earthquakes in NYC? Solar Eclipse today? Its normal for a gator to show up on the beach in Duval, right? #OnlyinDuval #oidstreetteam @outsidebrewing
We love your pet skunk! #OnlyinDuval #DTWD #oidstreetteam