Ondřej Cink

Czech Pro MTB cyclist
Rider of pmgracingteam mondrakerbikes
U23 XCO World Champion 2012
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Training day on XCO Olympic track for @paris2024 the track is completely built just 400m before finish line is one section natural but this is typical for Olympic tracks First impressions are good from the track in Paris I have to say that I like it @mtbs.cz @reprezentacemtb @mondrakerbikes @pm...
Odjdt od rodiny je asi ta nejt vc co jsem za posledn dobu poznal u ani ten zvod nebol tak jako opoutt ty moje holky skvl brzo se vrtm!MILUJU VS #family #forever
Monday feeling Good morning @mtbs.cz @michalcervenyphoto @pmgracingteam @mondrakerbikes @primaflor_oficial @genuins @mondraker_cz @mondraker_spain @srammtb @maxxisbike @mavic_mtb @maviccycling @girocycling @sidisport_official @ascdukla_official @santamadreco @oakleybike @oakley @rockshox @_roodo...
Some more pictures from the last week from @robinnevrala Thanks @pmgracingteam @mondrakerbikes @primaflor_oficial @genuins @mondraker_cz @mondraker_spain @srammtb @maxxisbike @mavic_mtb @maviccycling @girocycling @sidisport_official @ascdukla_official @santamadreco @oakleybike @oakley @rockshox...
P8 WC Les Gets Really hard one but super happy with Top 10 result Felt good all race just missed the legs in the last lapThanks @pmgracingteam for great work all week @brujulabike @awakate_photo @pmgracingteam @mondrakerbikes @primaflor_oficial @genuins @mondraker_cz @mondraker_spain @srammtb ...
World Cup in Les Gets XCO start tomorrow at 15:30 My feeling is good so Im ready to give it all See you tomorrow @brujulabike @pmgracingteam @mondrakerbikes @primaflor_oficial @genuins @mondraker_cz @mondraker_spain @srammtb @maxxisbike @mavic_mtb @maviccycling @girocycling @sidisport_official...
P16 in XCC WC Les Gets Happy about that! Good feeling and positive for Sunday race @awakate_photo @pmgracingteam @mondrakerbikes @primaflor_oficial @genuins @mondraker_cz @mondraker_spain @srammtb @maxxisbike @mavic_mtb @maviccycling @girocycling @sidisport_official @ascdukla_official @santamadr...
NEW BIKE DAY First test of the new F-podium @mondrakerbikes was amazing Feels great on the track with this bike IMPRESSIVE WORK @mondrakerbikes THANKS @awakate_photo @pmgracingteam @mondrakerbikes @primaflor_oficial @genuins @mondraker_cz @mondraker_spain @srammtb @maxxisbike @mavic_mtb @mavi...
Brzo opt v horch u pt vkend v Les Gets dal kolo svtovho pohruDky @autosalonklokocka za pohodln cestovn po zvodech#autosalonklokocka
Im really sorry that I didnt finish the race in Andorra today Thanks @pmgracingteam for the great support! @awakate_photo @pmgracingteam @mondrakerbikes @primaflor_oficial @genuins @mondraker_cz @mondraker_spain @srammtb @maxxisbike @mavic_mtb @maviccycling @girocycling @sidisport_official @as...
Tomorrow @uci_mtbworldseries in Andorra on my favourite track we will see what weather brings tomorrow because forecaster said that will be cold and rainy But motivation is still high Lets fight @robinnevrala @pmgracingteam @mondrakerbikes @primaflor_oficial @genuins @mondraker_cz @mondraker_...
Legs are open for Sunday race P19 in XCC tonight! @awakate_photo @pmgracingteam @mondrakerbikes @primaflor_oficial @genuins @mondraker_cz @mondraker_spain @srammtb @maxxisbike @mavic_mtb @maviccycling @girocycling @sidisport_official @ascdukla_official @santamadreco @oakleybike @oakley @rockshox ...