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As Israel continues to pound Rafah into dust, the last place offering refuge to the innocent civilians (over half a million of which are children) fleeing the wrath of their neighbors, any and all bystanders should be asking why this is happening, and what, really is the end hope? Any and all rea...
There was once a man who dreamed so ferociously he needed to lie down in another room to recover.Circa twenty years ago- one of my first ever collage explosions
Back when we had a dinner party celebrating Northern Irish storytellers, the @nytimes and @tmagazine commissioned @richgilligan to take some portraits of me for it.I thought they looked great so am sharing them here.
BEHOLD: the cover of The Dictionary Story, a new book by @samwinston_ and I. You might remember us from such collaborations as A Child of Books and well, actually thats our only other one because that book took five years to make, and this one took SIX YEARS to make. Not at all because we were pr...
We all wear a disguise to some degree or other(from the archives)
Together with @tomcarnac a dear friend and political strategist, we wrote an op-ed for @time magazine about reframing the story around climate change action, which accompanied the painting I made called Its Down to Us.Read the full (short) article at link in bio
Its always a pleasure (and mild terror) to be interviewed by @debbiemillman For this, her 19th season of Design Matters, we discuss the potential words and images have working together, and the power of story and perspective. No one interviews quite like Debbie.Have a listen at link in bio
Every flavor in our collab with @oliverjeffers from oxidized silver to the limited run of signed and numbered solid gold & gem.
Merry Christmas out there x
Was an absolute pleasure to experience in person @factory_international adaptation of Lost and Found in Manchesters new @avivastudios Only on for two more weeks so go see it if you can
A few weeks ago, our children wrote their Christmas lists to Santa and sent it via smoke mail (basically sticking it on the fire). It struck me how pretty much everything they asked for was a newer shinier, plastic-er version of things they already own and leave lying around at their arses! (Does...
The consensus at the end of COP28 Is that there are solutions for every problem.We are just too busy fighting over whose solution is more important. Whose version of the story is right.We are our own biggest obstacle.But changing our story seems so much more accomplishable than changing the weath...