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Archive Re-releaseOur favorites from our light wash denim.Online now
New Hand-Me-Downs collection online now. This seasons last release showcases the final process of Wine-Waste.Each piece in the new collection has been reimagined and repurposed, incorporating by-products from winemaking and wine that was deemed undrinkable.Throughout the season, weve produced sev...
Autumn/Winter 2023 - WINE-WASTE InstallationA wooden wine box structure inspired by garage wine making, embodying our material concepts for this season. This active installation is designed to store wine kegs during our fermenting process, as we make wine in real-time. These kegs contain natural ...
In natural winemaking the priority is minimal human intervention and a reliance on the natural fermentation process facilitated by wild yeasts. This process began for us in Jamul, California, where approximately 1000 pounds of grapes are manually harvested, a fraction of the west coasts annual o...
Holiday Sale - Starts Now!Enjoy a 30% discount on holiday markdowns, available online and sitewide from Friday to Sunday. Please be aware that all sales are final, and stock is limited!Use code: HOLIDAYSALE23
Store temporarily closed.(11/20-11/24)New installation coming soon.
Autumn/Winter 23 Wine-WasteOnline NowDuring the harvest of the late summer season, winemakers of the west coast produce upwards of 100,000 tons of wine waste, known as pomace from pressed grapes.The waste is used for livestock feed, compost, but its unknown how much of this waste actually gets us...
WINE WASTE - Autumn/Winter 2023Releasing tomorrow at 12:30 PST.
New Hand-Me-Downs - Online NowConcluding this season with our selected items reworked and up-cycled.Imperfect items reconsidered to how we can celebrate irregularity and use every scrape.Every torn pocket or stained fabric over-dyed by hand in indigo and repaired.
Lyle McGraw x OlderbrotherAnnouncing our new collaborative collection with @lylemcgraw. Olderbrothers denim reinterpreted and reconstructed.Utilizing the concept of Hand-Me-Downs to create one-of-a-kind pieces with Lyle McGraws signature details.Each item is created through the intentional re-use...
Pervasive Bloom- Summer Release Online Now A summer release of our full collection featuring hemp, silk, and linen items derived from the blooms of hundreds of pounds of locally harvested mustard seed from urban landscapes.
Introducing our latest store installation, 'Pervasive Bloom,' featuring a structure created from the unused plant matter from our first mustard harvest. Each panel measures 7x7' and consists of hundreds of mustard seed stalks, leaves, and flowers intricately woven on a loom and thatch-bundled on ...