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Minorca, one of Spains Balearic Islands, sparkles with the same blue-green waters as its more touristy neighbors, Ibiza and Majorca. A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1993, Minorca offers a quieter and wilder retreat, thanks to residents who have protected the island from further urbanization and ...
The Federal Aviation Administration oversees all plane traffic in the U.S. A bill to fund and reauthorize the agency, which President Biden has signaled he will sign, grants it $105 billion over the next five years. In addition to strengthening passenger protections, it will pay for airport infra...
Quiz time: Where in the world is this view?Learn the answer at the link in our bio. Photo by @carbsnproteins
Colorado Springs, like Denver, abuts the Rocky Mountain foothills and brims with ways to enjoy the outdoors, although it runs at a slower pace. Once known for its megachurches and kitschy attractions like recreated ancient cliff dwellings, Colorados second-largest city now has a more cosmopolitan...
In 2023, the seashores, lakeshores, battlefields, historic sites, monuments and more that make up the National Park Service had 325.5 million visits with even more expected this year. To manage overcrowding and safeguard the environment, more parks are requiring reservations, particularly during...
Quiz time: Where in the world is this view?Tap the link in our bio to learn the answer. Photo by @samreinders
Some 20 minutes by metro from central Rome is the Park of the Aqueducts. There, the ruined arcades of six of the 11 aqueducts that once supplied the Eternal City with an astonishing volume of water by some counts double the per capita water allotment of a typical 21st-century American city have...
Minneapolis, with more than a dozen lakes and a sprawling urban park system, appeals not only to outdoorsy types but also to travelers seeking a robust cultural scene, top-notch restaurants and fun bars and breweries. In recent years, residents have struggled to recover from the killing of George...
Maui is the Goldilocks island: It is neither too big nor too small, and for its three million annual visitors, its perfect year-round temperature, rainbow-splashed volcanic summits and sugary beaches are just right. But last August, Mauis equilibrium met disaster. Catastrophic wildfires reduced t...
A reader, Gabriel, wrote to Tripped Up after being locked in an 18-month fight with Megabus over $3.99. Gabriel spent $53.98 to reserve a bus ride from Philadelphia to Boston. But the company canceled the trip and returned only $49.99. Gabriel wrote to Megabus every few months demanding the booki...
The Transportation Department on Wednesday announced new rules taking aim at two of the most difficult and annoying issues in air travel: obtaining refunds and encountering surprise fees late in the booking process.Airlines will be required to issue prompt automatic refunds when a flight is cance...
From getting a good deal to figuring out insurance requirements, renting a car can be a complicated, pitfall-prone experience. At the link in our bio, the travel columnist @eglusac shares some of the best practices to follow, from reservations through returns. Illustration by @dcpender